Is What You are Doing Helping You Reach Your Maximum Potential

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Is What You are Doing Helping You Reach Your Maximum Potential

Summer is almost here. For many people, summer is a time to enjoy life, take vacations and have a more relaxing lifestyle.

Summer generally has people outside more, enjoying nature and spending time with friends and family. Just like the picture above. My husband painted this picture, of one of our favorite hiking trails in Tahoe, for his high school football coach who wasn’t doing well.

Take notice how much lighter and freer summer appears to be. Think about situations in your life that can use some lightness, relaxing attitude.

Do you have deadlines you are trying to meet? People in your family who aren’t doing well?

What can you do to change the feelings to be lighter?

  • Ask for help to unload some of the burdens you feel.
  • Break your routine, and take a walk outside.
  • Create a “God” jar. Make a list of all the pressures you are feeling. Choose one thing you can do right now. Let go of the rest by putting all the others in your God jar, knowing God will handle whatever you ask of him.

When you are in a relaxed state, you allow more things to come to you, you are open and available for the Universe to provide you what you want. When you catch yourself in stress, there is resistance which holds things back from you because you are closed off.

What shift can help you be lighter, more relaxed?

And, remember that each season has special meaning and purpose for life. Just like spring is a time for planting and new life. Winter is a time to restore and recharge, like bears hibernating. Fall is a time for letting go and releasing things. Summer provides maximum light encouraging all living things to reach their maximum potential.

How can you use this summer as an opportunity to help you reach your maximum potential?

  • Allow each season to help remind you of the cycles of life, knowing there is a time for growth, a time to prosper, a time to release and a time to go within.
  • Use the seasons as a way to add to your life some tools or resources to make your life more loving and peaceful.

How can you use the excitement and enthusiasm for summer to allow for a less stressful life to continue after summer?

Find one way you can use “Summer” to help you reach your maximum potential. What would you need to release to allow that in your life?

Use the summer light to move out any darkness that is hiding you from being all you came here to be.