It’s All About How You Are Doing On The Inside

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being feeling great, where would you rate how you feel on the inside right now?

Think of the pressures you might be feeling.  What is happening inside of you?  

Are you hearing voices telling you that it should be done this way?  

Who do you think you need to be? Who are you being?

Are you feeling you never have enough time?  What’s underneath that?  Do you feel important more valued from being so busy?

What are the messages and loops you have running?

Your thoughts control your life.  

As Abraham-Hicks says, Everything you do is so you will feel good.  

Think about how you skirt issues you don’t want to talk about.

Think about how quickly you run to take medicine if you feel bad.

Think about how you justify things in your life, even if it doesn’t feel good.

You are trying to control life from the outside.  

How can you quiet that chatter inside?  By becoming aware, by meditating, and by being honest with yourself. 

You don’t have to be anyone but who you truly are.

Notice if you are identifying with the circumstances or if you are observing it.   The more you can stop and notice what is happening, the more in charge of your life.  When you become part of the chaos, the dialogue runs rampant.  For instance, if someone says something that upsets you.  Watch and see if you can’t wait to tell all kinds of people about what just happened.  Or, can you notice what really upsets me?  The first example you are trying to deal with it from the outside.  The second one is where you notice what happened to you, which you are handling within.  

The more you can observe or be aware of what is happening, allows life to be easier.  You aren’t making others wrong; you aren’t judging yourself.  

You are noticing life.  You find out what is right for you. You are noticing what is happening, not adding a story to it. The facts.  The Truth.

It’s never about the other person.  They are mirroring something going on inside of you.  If you are triggered, it’s something that needs your attention and needs to be healed.  INSIDE.  

Watch what you are putting in your mind.  Have you cleaned up your environment so that what you are reading or listening to ensures it is inspirational or aspirational to your being?  

The more you can let go of any stories about situations you are involved in, the more peaceful and calm you life can be.  

As Einstein says, You never solve a problem on the same level it was created.  

Allow yourself to notice how you are trying to fix or solve whatever might be happening in your life.  Notice if you are staying with the problem or if you are really ready for a solution.  Sometimes, you have to rant for a bit.  Catch yourself.  

Decide peace and joy are more important to your health and well-being.  

Realize everything is happening for you.  For you to become more of the loving, compassionate person you are.  

Life is meant to be lived inside out.  

As an impulsive person, I know well how much easier life is when you go within rather than spout from reactions.  Fewer regrets and spiraling dialogue with terrible rhetoric.  

Today is a new day.  Begin watching how you are handling life.  The first step to change is becoming aware of how you are doing in life.  

Watch your patterns rather than continue them.  Question whether they are serving you today.  

Patterns helped you live the life you are now living.  Many are outdated.  The more you can stop and question, the easier it will be to change the rules you have used for your life.  

The more you can go inside, the easier your life will flow.  As Abraham-Hicks says, “Start taking pleasure from your inner reality. Most people are approaching this backward. Most people say, “Okay, I want that, and I am not fulfilled until I get that manifestation.” The reason for that promise of manifestation out there, to begin with, is that it gives you a reason to play the game in the inner reality. It is your imagination; the feeling of energy flowing through you is life.”

You are the creator of your life.  

You have a choice.  Go within.

How are you doing on the inside?  That’s the evidence you need for how your life is going.