Keep Your Eyes Open For Every Blessing


How receptive are you to all the good the Universe is providing you? And, would like to provide you?


What percentage of your day or hours are you open to how much life is showering you with goodness?


Are you grateful you can walk? Talk? People have ALS and other diseases where they can’t.


Are you in awe that you have a home to seek shelter and safety? Homelessness is a significant problem in our country these days.


Can you take 10 minutes each morning and night to go through a list of blessings you have? Or are you, like me, probably have taken for granted?



Can you imagine how good life would be if your focus was on your blessings rather than lack?


Because you receive more of what you think about.


Many people use the power of prayer. And why that is powerful is, prayer focuses your attention on what you want.


Your limiting beliefs are keeping you stuck, frustrated, and in lack. Most of you are more motivated by limiting beliefs than possibilities. You don’t believe you deserve more, can have more incredible blessings, or that magic can happen for you.


As I was riding my bike this week, I tried to remind myself to stay in thoughts of all the blessings surrounding me instead of lacking or not as good. I’m building my strength and endurance back from my hamstring injury.


I spoke of how blessed I was to be back on my bike.

I love the added support my e-bike brings to my ride.

It was crisp and sunny out.

I noticed how much stronger I am.


What if you led your life by your Highest Frequency or Vibration? Like living from joy, empowerment, appreciation, and freedom. How would your life change?  


Can you imagine the blessings that would be all around you!


What if, no matter what happens in your day you are open to seeing the greatness, the solution, and blessings?


Focusing on blessings can offer you new perspectives of life and shift your life in a way that is empowering to you.


Take time to count your blessings. Your world is full of them if you put your attention there.


Today, tomorrow, and this week, focus on all the blessings in your life. Keep that your focus, and notice how your life is exponentially brighter.