Leave Behind Any Refusal To Be Pinned Down


I know one of the gifts most retirees speak of is the freedom this time of life gives them. So as you begin thinking about the life you want in 2018, there can be resistance to “planning” for it or “needing” to decide what that will look like. You don’t want to be pinned down.


Yet, one of the things I know for sure is that without a vision, people perish. Your life becomes a drift. And before you know it, you have ended in destinations that were not what you intended, unhealthy behaviors – more drinking, more sadness, loneliness or hardly able to get around.


What’s the alternative to this slow demise in 2018? Design the life you want.


Yes, it takes time and focus.


Decide what’s scarier to you, the un-lived life or becoming disciplined to live the life you want?

You can still have the freedom and lifestyle you want. Because instead of staying busy or sitting around, your choices are on living healthy, vibrant and fulfilled based on what’s most important to you. For instance, for me, my family is most important so I want to ensure I have time for them scheduled in. Another reason that is important to me is my love language is quality time. I need time together to fill my soul. That’s how I feel joy and satisfaction. Time, being together, in however that works. Thank goodness for FaceTime.


What I also know is that you must have all parts of your life satisfied – your relationships – primary and others, your mental, your physical, your spiritual, and your financial/career, and fun.


So for me, I use Stephen Covey’s “put the big rocks in first” as I plan my week – spiritual, family, work, physical and fun. Not every week looks the same but the priorities are always the same. The importance is to know you are intentionally filling your soul with what’s most important to you.


So as you plan your 2018 to be your best year, it’s important to focus on all parts of your life. Because when you are out of balance, you are frustrated, angry and unhappy.


I use a wheel of life in my coaching to look at all these areas of your life. Note where you are in each (your relationships – primary and others, your mental well-being, your physical well-being, your spiritual well-being, and your financial/career well-being, and your fun) on a scale of 1-10. The 10 represents you feel great about that area and what is happening in it. Find the gaps of where you are and where you want to be. Then, plan what a “10” looks like for you. Finally, decide the inspired actions that need to happen to make it a reality.


Takes some work, but worth the effort and outcome to live the abundant, peaceful or happy life you want.


Just like for planning what you want your retirement to look like. For many, it usually involves having lots of time doing things you didn’t do before – volunteering, spending more time with family and probably some travel. But shortly, you realize your life is out of balance. It’s time to ask how are you growing and meeting your personal needs in other areas too? How are you feeling valued and challenged now that your career is no longer fulfilling those needs?


It’s time to get intentional. Time to allow more life enhancing moments. Not just drifting. Or, being busy…


One of the things I noticed this year was how many more people were thinking about using the “ONE WORD” to guide them for the year rather than resolutions or goals. I know when I posted something on my Facebook page about it, I had more responses than usual. Some of the words were peace, faith, direction, love, trust, ambulatory, calm, abundance and happiness.


To make sure that you have the year you want, it will take planning and clarity of how your ONE WORD will guide that in your life. It’s about prioritizing that one word to come alive for you.


Know you can have your freedom and the life you want, not by hoping for the best but by having a clear focus and plan.


You will feel and perform at your best when you are making progress on something that matters to you, such as your ONE WORD.


You will feel good when you are doing what you said you want when you are living in integrity with your heart and soul.


And, you will no longer need to resist planning your life and retirement because it’s focused on the freedom and priorities YOU want.

Need some help planning and gaining focus? It’s what I do best. I’m a dreamer and doer. I’m all about being productive and living your best life. Sign-up TODAY for a free discovery call at dottiehager.com or email at dottie@dottiehager.com.