Let Kindness Lead This Holiday Season

Kindness can go a long way.

Life can be hard. Let your heart open this holiday season to be kinder, more attentive and more involved with those in need.

Reach out and open up with kindness in all your daily travels and chores.

How could you give thanks?

Who needs your smile or attention?

One of the wonderful things about working in schools is that you see a reflection of society. You see all the ways people need each other.

Kindness is one way to make others feel valued and important.

Take time to notice how much kindness you give to yourself.

Give yourself permission to be kind to yourself. Find ways throughout the day to honor and acknowledge yourself even when you mess up or forget something.

Kindness is free. It doesn’t cost a thing but a willingness and commitment to share.

Who will you share your kindness?

Where will you reach out?

Think of all the ways you can share kindness this holiday season.

Give praise to others.

Share appreciation for what others in your life do for you.

Acknowledge the helpfulness of all the service workers you encounter.

Donate your time or resources to help out others.

What would be the greatest gift of kindness you could give? What’s in your heart that is wanting to give?

Notice how someone or something appears for you to reach out and help; be kind.

The more you pay attention to how the Universe works, the more you notice you receive just what you need to do.

Everyone needs more kindness.

Is someone you know in pain, whether from illness or hardship? How could you reach out to be there for them? What is it they need?

A listening ear?

A helping hand?

Moral and emotional support?

Kindness wins.

Develop a generous heart this holiday season.

Notice where you are grateful in your life. How can you help that happen for someone else? Spread your wealth.

Tis the season of giving.

Let kindness lead the way.