“Life is a Mirror Reflecting Back to You Your Thoughts” is a Powerful Reminder of How You Are Seeing The World


The world is mirroring you.  


What benefit is it to know life is mirroring back to you your thoughts?


It’s feedback to see what sometimes you can’t see.  You probably think your life should be different. But the truth is that life is giving you back what you are thinking and believing.


Look around you.  Look inside you. What are you seeing?  


Joy? Love? Chaos? Sadness? Despair?  Rigidity? Hope?


Where are you putting your attention?  What needs to be different?


The Universe answers your energy.  


Your mind can hijack what you think you want.


It’s time to wake up and create the life you want for today, next month and next year.


Are you courageous enough to be messy and open about what you truly want?


Follow your curiosity.  


It will take self-love to get to where you want.  That means to live in a world of more kindness and love, and it begins with giving that to yourself.  Giving more attention to yourself in loving ways.


Do you see yourself as broken, that you have to fix something?  Or could you see this feedback as opportunities to be your highest and greatest?  It’s about letting go of what no longer serves you.  


In my journey to understanding the psychology of my relationship with food, I realized that I saw everything as a task.  For me, I began looking at how I saw food.   


I saw “bad” foods and “good” foods.  Food is not bad or good, it’s what I do with it – abuse too much or can’t enjoy and receive pleasure.  Notice what it does to my body to not judge “everything” as bad or good.


I saw meals were about the task of cooking, eating and cleaning up.  Then I could move on to the next task.  I never stopped to enjoy and savor the flavors, enjoyment, and how much the nutritional values added to my health.  


How you do one thing is how you do all things.  


I saw this mirror of how I was doing life in other areas of my life the same way.   I prided myself on being a taskmaster. My husband jokes because he says all he has to do is barely mention something and I have it done.  


While there is certainly good from getting things done,  there is a downside to it too, when that’s ALL I see it as.  I’ve realized how I missed the journey and enjoyment along the way.  I see how rigid I was in my thinking and ways. It was either this way or that.  Instead, I should have seen the contrast is there to show me what fits me today. If it feels right, do that.  If it doesn’t, I don’t need it. Not bad or good. And then I reassess tomorrow and next month if these “foods” are good for my body.  Or, whatever the situation I am in.  


Life is NOT fixed and static.  It is ever-changing and evolving.  


Knowing “life is a mirror reflecting back to you your thoughts” can help you find what’s no longer serving you and what you want.


How can you use this idea of life is a mirror reflecting back to you your thoughts today to open to new possibilities and an easier life?  


Where can you start?


Look at your story and the lessons you’ve had.  Bring it out to the world, to yourself. Own it, accept it.  Free yourself. Work through the shame and see all the happenings as spiritual awakenings for you.  Weight has been a great teacher for me. It gets my attention so it’s easy to look at what I need to know.  It’s hard to face and admit some of my behaviors. But, instead of belittling, allow it to be a chance to forgive and give more love.  As the Course of Miracles says, Everything is love or a call to love. So I feel blessed I’ve “seen the light” and can be kinder and more present today than yesterday.


Nobody is going to do life for you.  It is what you make of it. You are grounded in beliefs and thoughts from your childhood.  Which are serving you? Just like my taskmaster. It was helpful in many ways, but also hurtful to others and myself.  Until I saw that, I couldn’t change it.


What is your mirror reflecting back to you that needs your attention so you can live a more healthy, vibrant and fulfilled life?