Life Is An Attitude, What Are You Choosing?


What is your path of maximum harmony?  Do you try to choose that each day?


What are you choosing if not your maximum harmony?


Are you choosing routine, moods of the media or whatever happens in your day?


As Tama Kieves says in her A Year Without Fear book, “There will always be storms in life.  The unpredictable will swoop into your experience, knock out power lines, crush the daisies, cheat on you, and threaten your dreams.  But there is a Power within you that never waivers.  Conditions do not create your spirit.  Your spirit creates your experiences of conditions.”  


You are in charge.  


Too many people are letting life lead your attitude and how your day goes.  


What if instead you:


Decide in advance you are going to have a good time.

Intend how your day will go.

Give yourself permission to embrace the new, the uncertain.


You have the power to change your life for the better.


As the saying goes, “Life is 10% of what happens to me, and 90% of how I react to it.”  


During our recent RV trip to see Michael and his family in Tahoe, my attitude caused me to decide to write this blog.  It can be too easy to live in the sewer if you don’t watch what you are choosing.


When we arrived at one of our campgrounds, they put us in the back by some corrals.  All of them were empty so it didn’t bother us.  But, when 2 horses appeared we were both critical.  I was like, “How can we sit out now? Horses attract flies.”  (We spend our time sitting out enjoying nature.)  



Then, the family came by and Bo begin talking to them.  They were on their way to take their daughter to Southwestern University in Weatherford, OK.  She was going to rodeo and get a degree in business.  Our mood changed.  Bo graduated from Southwestern and they were grateful to have this nice facility.  Families came by and enjoyed the horses. No flies, and we enjoyed the evening.  


What if we, me, just allowed more of life to happen rather than be so up tight and critical?


Your body is impacted by the attitude you are choosing, too.  Diseases are created as you stay in stress or live life tentatively.


What do you want more of in your life to create a better attitude about how life is and how life is going for you?  Laughter, calm and connections?


What will make you feel more alive and less anxious?


Think about the attitude that would give you what you want.  Feel those feelings.  


Know what you desire.  Create it.  Be conscious of what is happening in your life.  If you are negative, choose something that will shift that energy.


A question I keep asking myself to help me relax and allow more of life to come to me is, who would I be if I had no resistance?


Life on the road is quite the adventure and could get to you if you didn’t decide how you were going to handle your attitude.  Our whole trip was planned around going to Tahoe to finally see Michael’s family.  The day we were supposed to check in at our park, everything changed as I was at the grocery store 5 minutes away.  I received a call from the RV park we were going to be staying, saying they had to evacuate everyone because of all the fires in California.  That we wouldn’t be allowed to stay there.  Bo was in the RV waiting on me.  I kept wondering what do I tell Bo and Michael.  Wondered where we could stay.  Paid for my groceries and went to tell Bo and call Michael.  After much discussion and looking at obvious options, I surrendered.  I asked for extraordinary favor, please help find a solution.  Michael had offered for us to park the RV in his yard but that wasn’t going to work well – like how do we pull out the slide to sleep at night, how would it all work.  Plus, we were to watch Declan for the week while they worked from home.  One of Bo’s suggestions was google for a dump site in case we had to stay at Michael’s.  Right across the street was a RV campground that showed up when we googled where a dump site was.  We decided to go find out if there was any possibility of staying there.  We got in!!!  And, it was an even better place than our original.  Thank you, Universe!


We had more space for Declan to play.  

It was closer to their house.  

We were beside ourselves ecstatic, even more grateful.



When you decide in advance that the Universe has your back and that you are in charge of how your life goes, then life is pretty magical and exciting.  


What’s your attitude about life right now?  


Is it time to work on shifting to better feeling thoughts?  Living in a happier mood?


Take time to notice how you respond when life throws you a curve ball, as it will.  


Use some mantras as expect the best when something is wonky.  


What attitude are you choosing to live your life?  


Check in on yourself, and make sure you are living a more positive attitude so you can be in alignment with the type of life you’d like to live.


Happy trails!