Life Is Better On The High Road But It Requires A Commitment to Heart’s Desire


Where are you going in life?


You may have forgotten that you create your reality. Are you leading your life by design, your heart’s desire, or default? The choice is yours.


You are free to live either way. You choose it. There is a payoff for you as a victim or victor.



As Abraham Maslow has written, “Every crime against one’s own nature, every evil act, everyone without exception records itself in our unconscious and makes us despise ourselves.” — Abraham Maslow


Just think of that, every day that you are not living in the integrity of what you are truly called for or do what you said you would, you are adding another layer that keeps you further away and pulls you down. You feel shameful, unlovable and unworthy just by not listening, trusting and honoring yourself, what you truly want. What are you putting off?


What you do in life is based on what you believe. Stop, and ponder if you believe you have the power within you to create your life. Or, do you believe you are destined to life before you?


It’s easy to get discouraged about external circumstances. Disease, frustration, or stress are all telling you life can be better.


We’ve all tripped and fallen at one time or another. Sometimes those acts are the best teachers. Don’t let your circumstances cloud what can be for you.


Is it time to shift direction for your life? Make new decisions? Trust yourself?


Where have you given up on hope and possibilities?


What do you need to do to turn your life in a new direction –  living your purpose, your soul’s desire?


Life is what you make of it through your thoughts, words, and actions.


It’s time to wake up and do the work to live on the High Road.


Only 1% change in your direction will lead you to a new place. Think big, but take baby steps to get there.


Your desires are the inner Spirit yearning for fuller expression. Your desires tell you where to connect to feel the goodness and lead you to greater expression in life. It provides more options in making life choices.


Paying attention to your inner wisdom, your emotional guidance system will tell you what to do and which way to go. By trusting your inner wisdom you will know what’s right for you.


Your life is more peaceful, full of joy and satisfaction.


Are you looking at external sources for guidance or trusting your inner wisdom?


Awareness is the first step to changing your behaviors and beliefs.


Are you headed in the right direction of your heart’s desires?


Do you feel the vibrancy of life?


If not, renew yourself.   Make a commitment to take the High Road to your heart’s desire.


Transformations like these bring such joy and contentment with life.


Your decisions are your destiny.


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