Life’s Transitions Can Be Tricky But Promising


Life is full of transitions.  


Transitions can be hard because you are moving into a world of unknowns but it is also a time of opportunity.  


Adolescence to adulthood.  

Single to Married.

Becoming a parent.

New careers.

Losing a job.


Death of loved ones.



Matthew McConaughey has a new book out, “Greenlights”  which could be helpful to guide you to a good feeling place about whatever transition you might be dealing with.


He talks about how he has caught more “go” signals instead of stop in his life. 


Greenlights is about belief, in God and ourselves.”


He goes on to say, “It’s about finding what I call the honeyhole:


Where what we want is what we need, and what we need is what we want.


Where we understand the responsibility of freedom and the freedom that comes with responsibility.


Where we trust what we believe in, and we believe in what we trust.”


Transitions require new beliefs and new thinking.  It’s hard to let go of the old because it felt comfortable and had its great rewards.


But, what if instead you find your “honey holes” so you can move forward with more freedom and joy?


Recently my husband sold his company and has been consulting with the new owners.  In that process many things have changed and it has caused him to be quite reflective.  He was blessed with a great career and built many relationships that he still cherishes.  He is seeing those people shifting and changing too.  Businesses sold and new owners, new people in charge of making the decisions that were crucial to his success.  


Uncertainty. Different. 


Change is hard if you look at what you are losing.  Instead if you can look at the potential and what new is created, the outlook can be brighter.


As John-Roger, DSS states, “We want to reproduce the old results for stability and yet we all want newness, but we won’t go into the consciousness that produces the risk of adventure to reach out and get new things.  And yet, that’s what we are all crying out for.”


Are you wondering about what is next for you ?  Is it about a deeper place within you?  Or, a new phase in life?  Are you transitioning to become your True Self?


What is it for you?  Who are you today?  Who would you like to become tomorrow?


Take notice of what you are thinking.  Just notice, don’t make this reflection wrong or bad.  Just allow it to be there.  Allow yourself to see what matters to you.  


Are you feeling the loss of relationships, of being valued, or not sure of how your mental or physical state will be?  


Is old man winter coming your way and you aren’t sure how to embrace this phase of life?


As you begin deciding about what is next for you make sure you include ways to build in those desires you have from the losses you are feeling.


If those basic needs are not met, then life is hard and transitions painful.  


Your expectations of each of these transitions determine how you will experience them.  


Notice where your expectations might be unrealistic or unreasonable.  


If your expectations aren’t met, then life can be frustrating and detrimental.  


Life is bumpy no matter what age or phase you are experiencing.  


If you can be open and have a mindset of the possibilities that life is giving you, then you can live life more fully.  The transition is easier and more fun.


As one of my friends told me when we embarked on our RV world, EVERY time you go out there is a new adventure.  Those words have really helped me. It’s allowed me to have more fun with the craziness that happens, which is most of the time… It changed my expectations and my ability to handle what happens.  Because I have the tendency to expect perfection and that things go right.  And in reality, life is not that way.  There are times that everything works, and times that shit happens.  And, for sure when you are on the road.  


What transition are you presently engaged in?  


Are you allowing some grace and compassion as you maneuver a new path in life? 



Life is an adventure.  These transitions are there to help wake you up to more of life.  See parts of life that you never knew possible.  


Let go of the stronghold of the past and embrace what is coming to you.  


Let the seasons show you how to merge and move with ease to the next phase of life for you.  


Look for the promise and possibility.  


Life is for you.