Look At What Matters to You To Light You Up

What lights you up?

With so much darkness around, knowing what matters to you even more, is essential.

When you know what you desire, you are empowered and can direct what happens for you.

When you know the frequency that feels best for you, you decide how you want to live. I like feeling hopeful, optimistic, and enthusiastic about life.

Know Your Frequency

Then, I create situations that bring that to my life, just like our recent trip to Antarctica. The conditions were frigid at times, but it was so stunning; it felt heavenly. No matter the external circumstances. I set up what matters to me. (Look at the whale’s tale and Torres del Paine National Park.)

Antarctica 2023

How can focusing on what lights you up make your life feel better?

You have the power to think and act in ways that bring to you what you desire.

Your inner being, or emotional guidance system, is always leading you to what matters to you. So listen more closely rather than continuously following your mind of doing this or do that.

You have a choice in every moment to light up your life, no matter how dismal it feels. Think 1% more of the frequency or feeling you want.

How can I smile right now?
How can I breathe deeper?
How can I relax my shoulders?

Make it simple so you can tap into something that feels a little lighter and better.

Life is always trying to help you align with what is suitable for you.

Pain is when you are resistant to what is happening. You are arguing about what it is. You think you know best.

If you aren’t feeling light and peaceful, your emotional guidance system tries to get your attention and steer you back to what matters to you.

What would it take for you to listen and take a “different” step? Could you trust what you desire and what feels “good” to you to be your guide?

There is a higher version of you wanting to be released. All the pain and darkness are there to wake you up. Symptoms are there to jolt you and ask you for more love and compassion.

See things differently. Like with a song that Bo shared, “Dawn of Correction” is the anthesis to “Eve of Destruction.” Which camp are you in?

There is another way to live life to be lighter and more accessible. But first, you must decide and know what matters to you.

When enough pain is there, you are often open to something different. I tell people they will know when it’s time to retire because situations happen that don’t feel “right” to you. Like new regulations, obstacles that frustrate you, or a new focus that doesn’t align with your philosophy.

That’s true when it’s time to make a new decision, too; things aren’t working for you.

Think about three (3) things that will light you up in 2023. Then, think about ways you can begin adding them to your life. Don’t go to significant, dramatic changes; think 1% more. For example, if you want more peace in your life, can you add 5 minutes of meditation or sitting still each morning? If you want more love in your life, say a gratitude prayer in the morning and end of the day for the things you love about your life. Acknowledge over and over. What you focus on, you receive more of.

When you truly commit to something greater, you will begin to see how the Universe blesses your life.

You will see big changes and live a life that matters more to you.

What matters to you so you can live lighter and freer this year?