Moving From Frustration to Satisfaction


What is something you are frustrated with?  How could you change that to something you are excited about? 


One of the things I have learned, maybe finally, is there are no quick fixes to what you think and believe.  You can’t overcome years of doing and thinking one way overnight.  It happens incrementally.  Changing means learning a new way to be.   


First, you must become aware of your pattern, and then make a plan to change it.  You must be willing to do the work, sometimes hard but rewarding. 


This comes up for me in “I want things different.”  My weight, the violence we are seeing, the unhealthy lifestyles and the massive abuse. Instead of resisting and getting into my soapbox about all the negative aspects about it, what if, instead, I noticed what upsets me, and then decide to make a plan about what I can do something about.   


If each of us did that, just think about how much more peaceful and loving the world would be.   


The tendency is to stay in the anger and hatred because you can’t see a different way,  you accept that it has always been that way or don’t want to be wrong.  Those thoughts keep the cycle growing.  You stay in the darkness, the pain. 


What if instead, you shifted your thinking to realize: 


  • When you focus on the vision of what is possible you are creating more of that rather than what you don’t want. 
  • When you feel you are contributing, you are in more love than fear.  Your body is more calm than stressed and worried. 
  • When you decide you can make a difference, you feel empowered instead of helpless. 
  • When you make a plan and break it down into bite-size pieces of action, you can impact and make a change, but not overnight. 


I know my focus is on Thriving in unRetirement so people can live healthy, vibrant and fulfilled.  I know when people are feeling valued and loved, they feel happier and healthier.   


Write out the things that frustrate you.  Choose one of them that you would be willing to see differently.  Like for me, I’ll choose my weight.  Then, make a plan to change the frustration.  For example.  

First, I need to have a vision of what I want. I will put a picture of what I want to look like nearby so I can see that clearly.  I hired a health coach to help me eat healthier and hold me accountable. 

Second, made my plan.  NO QUICK FIXES.  During my first session with my coach, we set goals of what I wanted to accomplish and then broke down what I needed to do for this week.  I was to get rid of all processed foods, wheat and sugars.  We went through the meals I am presently eating and figured out some healthy substitutes that are realistic and possible to attain. We made a list of foods that I need to fill my refrigerator and pantry with. Mostly, more salads, vegetables and fruits.   


It feels doable.  It feels possible.  I’m sick of breaking out, not being able to get in my clothes and having my stomach upset.  I’m excited.  I’ve shifted my frustration.  I feel calmer and not so worried.  I have some support and that feels really good.  Plans always help me.  So far, so good.   


Now, your turn.  What did you choose from your list?   


Are you willing to advocate for more peace, better health or more acceptance for others?  Or teach and share about tolerance?  Or is it something more personal like mine? 


I know when you are personally satisfied you will be aligned with a life you want to live.  You will attract different situations in your life because of how you are feeling.   


What are you willing to do to shift your energy?   


If I could help you with that, contact me at  I’d love you to support you to a more satisfying life and lifestyle.