You’ll Never Go Back To Old Ways After Reading This…


Today’s tip is to rise above all limits you have on yourself.


If you want to improve your life, start by changing your mindset.


How do you do that? Glad you asked.


Become aware of how you are doing in life, and you can change anything.


Stop putting limits on yourself and become aware of your behaviors.


Think big BUT take small steps to get there, and believe in realistic goals.


Next, write down your goals and track your progress.


Then, pay attention to how you follow through on your commitments. Whether getting in shape or quitting a bad habit, making lasting changes takes time and effort.


If you’re patient and consistent, you can achieve anything you want.


The key to improving your life is to pay attention to your behaviors.


For instance, how you follow through on your commitments. If you aren’t sure how you are doing, write down your obligations and keep track of how you are doing with them.


Here’s a personal example, I will not eat any snacks after 7 p.m. Also, cheer yourself on if you did it every day. If you went off track, get back on the next night and applaud yourself for the commitment.


Notice how you handle situations when you don’t stick with what you said you would do?


Do you judge yourself as a failure?


Do you beat yourself up or feel guilty?


What if, instead, you journal what happens when you veer off-road by noticing what happens when you eat after 7 p.m.


Were you watching T.V?


Were you overwhelmed?


Did you need some attention?


Was the voice inside your head saying this time it’s ok?


Was it you didn’t plan on how to handle temptations?


No judging yourself.


Let it be information to help you plan a course correction.


The data provides clues to your behavior and what is needed to change so you will have the success you want.


What is the difference between someone who succeeds with their desires and those who don’t?




Try something NEW.


Move away from their old patterns.


Have grace and forgiveness for yourself.


Begin noticing what behaviors keep you stuck in the past or where you are not getting the desired results.


Be honest. What’s the talk in your head? What choices do you make?


Dig into what your behaviors and decisions are all about. Keep track of it. Use the data to inform your following choices.


Start small. Being obsessive or all or nothing never works for sticking with it.


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