No Better Time To Focus On What You Want, Not On What You Don’t


What you focus on, you receive. 


With today’s coronavirus scare, fear is the focus.  Remember, you don’t want to empower something by giving it focus. 


Instead, focus on what you want.  Good health for you and everyone.   Continuously think of good health, how grateful you are for your health and well-being.  How life is calling us to pay attention. 


Keep thinking and focusing on what you desire to have in your life.  It’s not easy when you are bombarded with all the news of how bad things are becoming. 


You have a choice to respond or react. 


If well-being is your choice, think about what that is for you.  Surround yourself with that.


Is that eating healthy foods to build up your immune system? 



Is that exercise like yoga to help calm your nerves and go within? 

Is that listening to music that brightens your day?


You want to keep your body in more of the relaxation mode than stress mode.  When you are stressed, you body’s immunity is down.  You are in a different vibration. 


Like attracts like.


Find ways to lift your vibration to healing energies for you and everyone else.



As Mashhur Anam says, “Let’s focus on rising above global fear and chaos and tune into the cosmic healing energies and the healing energies of nature.”


Yes, you have to look at life in a new way, but choose to make it one that brings you happiness and peace even in this time of upheaval. 


With your time off work or self-quarantined, go within.  See what is trying to emerge.


Why is this chaos happening for you?  What’s the bigger message?


This is time to trust and believe in a power Higher than yourself. 


Do what you can control.


Put yourself in the best frame of mind.


Spend time visualizing what you want – a planet that is more connected with love and kindness more people who support each other a healthier place to live.


Find some time to work on yourself to remove beliefs and habits that are no longer serving you or keep you negative.


Discover what matters to you


Now is the best time to focus on what you want.  You are seeing what you don’t want.  Let it help you become clearer about what you do desire.


This is an opportunity to wake-up and live a life that matters. 


As Henry Ward Beecher says, “Every tomorrow has two handles. We can take hold of it with the handle of anxiety or the handle of faith.”


Is this moment calling you to have greater faith and become your greatest Self?


What is that for your life?


Focus on the solution, not the challenge.