Oh, What A Beautiful Day!


How are you creating a beautiful day for yourself today and each day?


Every day is a good day.


You are supposed to feel good.


You are supposed to thrive.


How can you make this a special day for you?


Think about the words from Mister Rogers, “What a beautiful day in the neighborhood.”

How can your focus be on making this a beautiful day?Instead of thinking about all you have to do, how about shifting that to how can this be a beautiful day while “doing” all the things you must? It’s a magical shift.


There are responsibilities in life, but the BIG shift is the focus. Let your focus be on being a beautiful day while you go to work, while you take your children to all their activities, or while you take care of your household.


It makes it lighter, freer and easier. It moves you away from stress and overwhelms you by changing how you focus your life.


Think about this.


Springtime is marvelous. Springtime is joyous. Springtime is magical.


For me, I love this time of year. I love all the new beginnings. I love more light and more possibilities.


The weather has been perfect to be outdoors and enjoy the activities we love to do. Bo and I rode Thunderbird Lake. It’s magical to get lost in the woods. I have to stay present, or I might hit the next tree, rock, or root. Then, I can go on my own and be at my own pace. I take in the beauty, the air, and the freedom.


Things feel fresh and clean with the spring air. Our yard is scalped. Buds are coming out. The ducks and geese are looking for a place to have their babies. It is fun watching them go through the different yards and bushes.


How can you change any judging to noticing? It makes life more beautiful.


For instance, while exercising, I catch myself saying, “Oh, this is hard; I don’t like doing these.” Instead, allow things rather than resist. I can notice that this exercise is pushing me or whatever you feel.


Once again, it’s the shift of perception. Magic. It’s allowing rather than resisting. You are empowered rather than being a victim. It is making life beautiful rather than challenging.


Use springtime to clear your mind of old habits and patterns that are no longer serving you. Ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?” Most likely, it’s a habit or pattern. Replace it with “How can this be a beautiful day?” or whatever focus you’d like – “God is my life.” “Life is easy, breezy.”


Vernon Howard says it beautifully, ”True benefits consist of anything that breaks our unconscious and mechanical ways to reveal the new world.”


Remember, what you focus on, you receive. Practice being in the highest vibrations and notice when that energy changes. Then, find your focus and return to the higher vibration.


For example, when I think, “What a beautiful day,” I am in high vibration. I feel joyful, have positive expectations, and am open. Thinking those thoughts reminds me to create a different way of being.


One of my grandsons made this for me, and I have it right where I pick out my clothes. What a beautiful day with great joy and smiles!



Change your vibration to a higher frequency no matter what you are facing. For example, ask, “How can this be a beautiful day?” or whatever immediately has you feeling better.


Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. Life can feel challenging, dark, and dismal. Think of Ukraine. It’s horrific to see what is happening there and to all those people. But, you can also see the magic that has occurred.


We see hope in fantastic leadership.

We see people come together to help each other.

We see countries unite for the goodness of Democracy.

We see the best in people.


Maybe, the world is ready to have more light, more love. But, if not, then it’s time to continue cleaning out your darkness to bring more light until we finally have a tipping point to a world full of light and hope.


How is today a beautiful day for you? What needs tending to so that this day is magical and bright for you?


Dare to be the light. Have a beautiful day!