Open Up To The Growth Opportunities You Need Right Now


Do you need more peace, joy or hope right now?  


Where do you feel overwhelmed or hopeless?


What is your life calling for right now?


As Eckhart Tolle says, “Make the NOW your primary focus of your life.”  


It’s too easy to think about all the things that are going haywire right now.


Accept that “it is what it is.”  This is big for me.  I can spiral out of control with things not “being right” or a certain way.  But, that has been big growth for me. 


It’s too depressing to listen to the news whether the local news or the fake news.


Take time to notice right now, what you are feeling.  


That is what YOU can control.  That is how you guide your life to be what you desire.


You listen to what YOU are feeling, what can help you immediately.


Whatever you are feeling is what needs to be addressed.  


If you feel down, what can pick you up?  Do it NOW.  Is it twirling, skipping or singing?  Then, proceed with what needs to be done.  You will get better results because you changed your energy. And, you will feel better too.


If you feel on top of the world, whose life can you shower with some love or attention?


If you feel some fear, notice it, but keep walking toward what you desire.  Let that fear offer you some caution, but NOT stop you.


If we are afraid of anything, we love fear more than we love God.


Fear keeps you from growing.


Choosing God or love is building your faith, helping you keep hope alive.


As Lee Jampolsky says, “Remember that you are either living and solidifying your purpose every time you speak, or postponing and eroding your purpose.”


Which are you choosing?


Everything that happens to you in life is an opportunity.  An opportunity to expand or stay stuck.  


Find new perspectives of how to live your life.  Find the good.  See how healthy you can be.  All that you can control.  


You can live an abundant, happy life.  You must choose every moment what feels right to you.


This year, 2020 has given you numerous opportunities to look at life through new lenses.  


For instance, you are being asked to sacrifice for the greater good.  How does that land with you?  Do you feel that others shouldn’t tell you what to do or can you delay gratification for the greater good?


Pay attention to what you are feeling and work through that growth opportunity.  Don’t let it pile up with frustration, anger and despair.  


Seeing others that want things differently than you do doesn’t make them wrong.


Be open to some new ways of doing life.  Of thinking.  Of being.


I acknowledge that many things can feel scary, but let that be your growth.  Find a new way to walk through that which feels uncertain.  Start by grounding yourself with looking at the certainty in your life right now.  Daybreak comes and nighttime follows.  Fall is here and winter will soon be here.  You wake up and brush your teeth. What else can help you know you will be okay, not all of life is changing?  Then move on to the growth that is calling you. 


What is calling you to stretch and grow right now?  Check out what you have been ignoring or where you have made others or things wrong.