How Great Are You Willing To Let Your Life Get?

Do you know YOU have the choice to live the life you want and deserve?

You can create the life of your dreams. Your dreams are inside of you dying to be shared. You can TRANSFORM your life when you make life CHOICES that align with your passion and purpose. You hold the keys to your joy and happiness inside of you. Are you OPEN to a greater plan? Let the journey begin.

My mission is to awaken thousands of people to a life of more joy, love, and abundance.

Kandis“When I started coaching with Dottie, I was a new mother, a new wife and had just entered into a new career. I was responsible for and to so many other people that I just lost myself in the process. I began to feel powerless, like I lacked control over any aspect of my life. I started making bad choices because I felt like I had no choices. I became overweight, I separated from my husband and became a single mother seemingly overnight. After a few months of coaching with Dottie, I began to change my own life. Six years later, I have recognized my own power and owned it. Other people recognized my power and ability too. Today, I am reunited with my husband and we celebrated our 7th anniversary. We had another baby girl! I have reached my ideal weight and I am making three times more money than when I started my sessions with Dottie. Dottie’s sessions help expose you to the wonderfulness that already exist inside of you. Then you learn to share the gifts and talents that you naturally possess with the world. And in turn, you will be rewarded with a richer, fuller life that is out there for you.” – Kandis, West

dreamsbookMaking Your Dreams Come True:
A 21-Day Journey to Your Higher Self

Your life is talking to you. Are you starving for a more fulfilling life? You have an inner knowing that you were meant for great things. This book is meant to help you build a structure to step back and reflect upon your life and ask questions like –Is my life going like I want? Am I living the life of my dreams? Am I even enjoying life? Am I following my heart’s desires? How can I make it possible to live the life of my dreams? What do I need to make it happen? Making Your Dreams Come True is a step-by-step process designed to help you make the personal transformation you desire.