Remembering What’s Important To Live Healthy, Vibrant and Fulfilled


Are you surviving or thriving? Are you living TRUE to yourself?   How at peace is your self-talk and mind?


How much do you believe in yourself? Hopefully, you are admiring and adoring yourself.


Are you following your path, listening to what you desire to live healthy, vibrant and fulfilled?


Too many people are boring and have let life take them down.


Too many people are feeling incomplete and empty while craving things from the outside to fulfill them.


Those are unrealistic expectations when you think someone or something outside of yourself can make you live a better life. Whether that’s having a different president or being a different weight. Outside of yourself is not the answer to you living a great life.


I know first hand how that works. You keep wanting more. There’s always something or someone to blame for why your life isn’t working. There is always someone who has more of what you think you want. I realized when I burned out and was angry with the world, I was focused on the wrong things to feel healthy, vibrant and fulfilled.


I am interested in not dying while I am living. I am interested in living fully, taking advantage of consciously choosing what I know fills me up and thrills me to pieces.


I’ve learned that a meaningful life is one steeped in purpose and grounded in relationships that matter to you.


I know when you are healthy, your chakras and life flow smoothly. If you are out of balance, you know because you have physical symptoms such as disease or illness, or psychological ones that affect your attitude and outlook on life.


Listen to them, choose to do something about it. Nourish yourself. Find what brings you back in balance.


You get to be happy or sad, well or ill. You choose.


Know there is another way. Be brave enough to choose new adventures to boost your health and enjoy life fully.


Yes, it will be different and it will take great focus, but in the end it’s worth it. Bring others with you who can support your efforts, who will have your back.


Begin where you feel stuck. Is that in watching too much tv and not being active? Is that choosing foods that are not serving your well-being?


Where are things stagnant in your life and/or your body? Think about how you want to feel. Focus more where you want to be than where you are.


Take time today to write out what is healthy, vibrant and fulfilled for you. Be in integrity and honor yourself by living a life that is fulfilling to you and your soul’s design. Not one of dying a slow death of complacency.


There are so many different meanings of what could be healthy, vibrant and fulfilling for you based on where you are in life. If you’ve just received a negative diagnosis then you will probably begin looking at a variety of ways to reverse that and become healthier.


We were out to dinner recently with some friends and one of the guys said the three (3) keys to a good life are eating healthy, exercising and never retiring – or making sure you are doing something meaningful. How are you doing in those three (3) areas?


How does his definition fit your needs to live healthy, vibrant and fulfilled?


I know for me, I have to be active. I have to be enjoying nature. I have to spend time with my family and friends. I must be growing and learning, exploring, and pushing myself to what’s “out there.”


Remember what’s important for YOU to live healthy, vibrant and fulfilled will determine the quality of life you live.


You are worth the time and energy it takes to know what matters to you, and to create the plan to live it.