Retirement 2017 – Live It Big And Meaningful To YOU!

What’s your vision for 2017 for you?

I KNOW life is waiting to give you anything you want if you are ready to receive it and believe it is possible.

I know when you do your part and get in action, the Universe conspires to bring your dreams to you, often bigger than you can imagine.

The game for me is to get in alignment and allow it to come. I think I know what’s best or how to do it in a certain way which creates lots of resistance and blockages.

What are you desiring for 2017?

Think about Thriving and Having Fun this year. 

Writing down your goals, desires or dreams means that you are 42% more than likely to achieve them.

  • The purpose behind writing your goals out is to stay focused on what you want so you can reach them. What you focus on, you receive.
  • Writing helps you gain clarity.

Jon Gordon came up with a simple Goal Setting Process, choose One Word that could serve you this year. (He has a book by that name that can give you more details.)  His research showed people were more likely to achieve their goals with this one word process than typical resolutions. The Journal of Psychology stated that 33% of people who set resolutions give up by February 1st and only 8% achieve them.

Choose ONE WORD that could help you achieve what you’d like in each area of your life this year.

For instance, if you want to be healthier this year and haven’t done much moving, then MOVEMENT might be a good word for you.

  • Movement could be exercising in your physical world, like getting your 10,000 steps. Get a Fitbit or other tool to track it.
  • In your financial world, movement could mean adding another income stream. Creating a business, teaching a course, buying some rental properties, becoming an author.
  • In your spiritual world, movement could mean you begin a new morning ritual of connecting with your inner wisdom. Create your sacred space. Create a routine. What does that look like for you? Start with 10 minutes. Is it meditation, spiritual readings, journaling?

Retirement is an opportunity to live big. Make a plan to ensure that it happens the way you want.

  • You have your career behind you.
  • You know what success looks and feels like.
  • You know what matters to you.

Use your past experiences, passions and wisdom to bring your unique gifts to the world.

Make 2017 your best year yet!