Self Love Day – Feb 13th

banner-sunsetIt is amazing how the universe will provide you exactly what you need when you ask. We often have our mind set on the outcomes we desire so we aren’t really open to have greater answers come to us. Since Self-Love is the topic for the month, I have been thinking about it, and how I could share some thoughts with you about it. Then I received a newsletter from Christine Arylo.  She has written a book on Self Love, she does workshops all over the place on the topic. So I decided that I would include her work from the newsletter I received from her. Her website is I hope you take the time to do some of the love actions:

February 13th is the international day of self-love – a day dedicated to choosing the ONE branch of self-love that most needs your love and attention this year and then make a self-love promise that you use throughout the entire year to give yourself PERMISSION to act in ways that support that branch of self-love. The promise acts like an anchor point to pull you out of acting from fear, obligation, exhaustion, overwhelm, shame, guilt and instead empowers you to choose the loving action for yourself.

LOVE ACTION: Make a date with yourself on February 13th – spend it with yourself deepening your relationship with yourself and making this promise. Or do it with a group of friends. And you can also join me at the Self Love Concert from anywhere in the world, where we will all be taking a personal self-love promise – AND if you want to throw a self-love party any day in February, sign up here and I’ll send you a free party pack! Go here.

2. AMP UP YOUR DAILY SELF LOVE PRACTICE – everyday this month
When people ask me how do you really love yourself, I always say that self-love is a choice you make in every moment, and the more you practice loving yourself on a daily basis, the more able you are to make choices from small to big that align with what really serves you best. So wherever you are in your relationship with yourself – whether it really solid or on shaky ground, there is always more love available. Make it your priority this month to choose ONE self-love practice you can really amp up.

LOVE ACTION: Choose ONE self-love practice and practice it everyday! Choose any of the practices I provide in the self-love book Madly in Love with ME or make up one of your own. Just commit to doing it every day til Feb 28th.

3. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH OTHERS who are PRO-LOVE! Attend one of my events this February or create one of your own.
One thing I know for sure is that when we put ourselves into environments with other people who are taking a stand for LOVE, its so much easier to give ourselves permission to love. I just left Agape Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, where I am teaching on the 17th, and I am SO FULL of LOVE!!! So this February, I invite you to make an investment in your relationship with yourself and join me at any of these events…

LOVE ACTION: No matter what city you are in – there is a self-love event for you to connect into – Register now and make a date with yourself!”