Self Love: Staying Balanced

It’s been a good week to reflect on self love and how I am living it each day. As I think about how I care for myself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, I think about the balance of these. For me the week was a fabulous week physically. I pushed myself in a few different ways – walked Hefner Lake with a friend, Bo and I hiked Lake Thunderbird 8 ½ miles and then I took a physically challenging aerobic class that pushed my heart rate plus all my other yoga classes, trainer and walking I do. I also ate very healthy – my husband and I are doing the 24 Day Challenge from Advocare.

Mentally, I finished a book I was reading, did some magazine reading, did some research on some speakers, and played Spider Solitaire. Emotionally, I shared lots of love this week since Valentines was here. I also had to do some apologizing. Bo was being so kind and was trying to help me. I was frustrated at the time, and complained rather than saying Yes even though it didn’t fit what I thought at the time. He was being so good and I was a grump. I immediately went to apologize and acknowledge his great offerings. Because I thought if I want someone to do something for me, why would they when I act like I did. (Notice how you might send a mixed message that you really don’t want). He was trying to be helpful, and I do appreciate that yet my response was hurtful.

And, Spiritually, I did 30 minutes of meditation each day, read my daily spiritual books, read all my online inspirational messages, watched Joel Osteen with Bo, listened in my car to Abraham-Hicks CD and tried to live with more love and joy. What I haven’t always done so well, is acknowledge myself for taking good care of me, loving all I do good for myself. I mostly didn’t even pay attention to it.

Today I have been trying to love myself more, I do take notice. I know when I’m out of balance. I know when I haven’t been outdoors enough. I know it so it is one of the clues to myself to amp up what I am doing to show some self love. Nature fuels my soul. I know when I haven’t emotionally taken care of that which is important to me. Mostly for me that is am I giving quality time and being 100% present to those I care about.

What fuels you?