21-Day Journey: Day 10 – Lesson

page-header2-members2Day 10 Lesson:

“You can always amend a big plan, but you can never expand a little one.  I don’t believe in little plans.  I believe in plans big enough to meet a situation which we can’t possibly foresee now.’ -Harry Truman

driveDay 10 was looking at What’s Driving Your Life. Don’t waste your time on little plans and small expectations.  Dream big!  Big plans come from big ideas.  Have the courage to be bold.  Expect to receive everything you desire.  What is your ideal outcome?  What do you really want?

Think about a goal or something in your life you have wanted and haven’t achieved.  Now, write down a few things that you have done in opposition of that goal. Then go inside and ask yourself what is most important for you? Why have you chosen that over what you want? Crazy, how you know you want something, yet there is something that you want more.  This is an example of an underlying commitment you have made to yourself. They sabotage your efforts. You see the tension that exists because you have some beliefs stronger than your goal or dream. The idea is to dig into your underlying commitment so that you are able to achieve your goal. What is that all about? Why do you want than underlying commitment more than your goal or dream? Once again, it is bringing it into your awareness before you can change.  Otherwise, these commitments will continue to control your life. You will know because you have tried to achieve something and haven’t.  You know then it’s time to dig into the deeper commitment.

What do you think about yourself?  What are the dominant messages you convey to yourself about your worth? Where do you value yourself? How do you show it? How valuable do you believe you are?  In what ways?  Where does your value come?

There is a defining event that you decided you needed to be a certain way and act a certain way to get what you wanted.  What is that for you? It’s driving your life. There is always the pressure and pain caused trying to make that happen. Debbie Ford talks about it like trying to hold a beach ball under water. Sooner or later, that ball is going to pop up. You can’t keep up the façade. It drags you down. Something happens. You might be seeing some physical illness, divorces, crimes, or rampages of anger because you are holding on to these hidden parts. There are lots of ways that they explode. You see it all over in the news when famous people act out. Something is screaming out. Life is no fun when you are allowing something outside of yourself to run your life. It’s time to discover what’s driving your life and own it.

Another hold on the way you live your life is by understanding what qualities you are looking for from other people for fulfillment. You will go to great depths to try to obtain these qualities.  These qualities drive your lives.

It is amazing what a difference you feel in your life once you have taken charge of your how you are showing up in all parts of your life. Your life feels more in control and freer because you have fulfilled what you need even though you still have all the same responsibilities and tasks. It’s freer because you are authentic. You are stepping into your divine essence. You are shining your light.  You are having your needs met. You are living life fully. You aren’t dragged down by the past, you have chiseled it away. You are empowered and in control of your life.  No longer is something else driving your life, you are.



next-stepsActions Steps

  1. What are themes you can see driving your life?  Which ones are serving you and helping you live your best life?  Which ones is it time to release and let go?  What do you need to do to make that happen?
  2. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest, how is your self-worth in your spiritual life? Physical life? Financial Life? Career?  Mental Life? Relationships?  What is it you are searching for?  How could you give that to yourself?  What action could you begin today so that you create a healthy self-worth?

Journal Time:

  • What inspired you most from the call?
  • What are two ideas that you can take away from the call?
  • What is one action step you will take within 24 hours of the call?
  • What support will you need to help you go forward?