21-Day Journey: Day 4 – Lesson

page-header2-members2Day 4 Lesson

“Conscious evolution begins as we take responsibility for clearing our own obstructions.”
– Dan Millman


Day 4 Becoming Conscious gives you feelings of freedom and empowerment.  Consciousness is your ability to be aware of what is happening and to be able to make the choices that align with your desires.  It is becoming intentional about the way you live your life.

What would you need to live a conscious life?

busy-mindTry this: How do you see your life? The world? Fill in the blanks –I believe my life is___________. I believe the world is________________. Take notice how that will show up in your life.  If you believe the world is an abundant world, you will see that.  If you think the world is in a sad state of affairs, the world will show you that.  If you think your life is happy and joyful, you will find experiences to reinforce that belief. If you think, it’s going downhill, you will get that too. You get what you think, it’s the self-fulfilling prophecy. The trick is to make sure you are focused on what you want.

How can you awaken to life’s possibilities? First you become conscious of what it is you desire, then you make your choices based on what you have defined that you want to happen.  Notice if your focus is on what you want or don’t want.  Until you become conscious of how you are living in this world, more often than not, you could be focusing on what you don’t want.

Where do you need to wake up? What are your thoughts?  What are you saying and reinforcing?  Where are you emotionally ignited?  The more energy you have towards a thought, belief or action, the quicker you will manifest that.  Is it what you want or are you plugged by what you don’t want?

Become aware of the approximately 60,000 thoughts you have in your day.  Are you choosing thoughts that are helping you create the life of your dreams?


Actions Steps:

  1. Try to take time each day to look at a segment of your life that you chose. What is it you really, really desire?  Where are you with it now?  Where is your focus regarding it?  What are your beliefs around what you desire?  What are your thoughts about achieving your dreams?  Keep track of what you are saying to yourself about your dreams.  Each day do something that would help you focus on your dreams.  Make it a habit to keep it in your mind.
  2. Keep track of your thoughts. Make a T chart of love/fear – At the top of a piece of paper draw a line down the middle of the page and across the top to make a capital T.  At the top of one side of the page write the word – “Fear” and on the other side “Love.”  Your task is to keep track of all the activities and thoughts that happen in your day and to categorize whether you do them from love or fear using the area you have chosen in #1.  For instance, if you get up in the morning and notice you are raging, pushing everyone around to get ready.  Ask yourself, what is that about?  Is that a loving way to handle your day, others, yourself?  What fear is guiding you here?  I will lose my job if I am late; I am not responsible if I don’t have everyone on track, etc.  Write these down under fear. Notice all that talk.  Then, think, how could I handle this same situation with love?  How could you trust and ask for guidance to help you make it through the morning routine in a more loving way?  Write those down.  Keep track for a week and become conscious of the thoughts you are thinking.  The more you live your life from love, the more you are able to live your best life.  You first have to become aware how fear might be guiding your life.  It is often in many ways we never labeled or thought as fear.  If your life is not in the direction of calm, peaceful, and loving, then take some time to look at what’s driving you to react the way you do? Little shifts like these will make HUGE changes in your life and towards living your dream.

Journal Time:

  • What inspired you most from the call?
  • What are two ideas that you can take away from the call?
  • What is one action step you will take within 24 hours of the call?
  • What support will you need to help you go forward?