21-Day Journey: Day 6 – Lesson

page-header2-members2Day 6 Lesson:

“Every thought you think today either opens the gates of heaven (increase connection between you and others) or stokes the fires of hell (adds to your anxiety, tension, feelings of separation.)”- Marianne Williamson


Day 6 asks for a time to detox your mind.  It’s important to know and understand your beliefs that are guiding your life.  A belief is only a thought you continue to think.  Your beliefs are influenced by family, culture, TV, books, religion, etc. The way your life is right now shows you what beliefs you have.

This lesson is to have you explore which of your beliefs and thoughts might be limiting your life. A way to find out a belief you might have is to think of some negative thoughts you have.  There is a belief around that.  What was it?

Another way to begin to uncover any limiting beliefs is to think about a word such as money.  What are the first thoughts that pop up for you?  Write them down.  They are your beliefs around this word, such as “Money is hard to come by.” Is that true?  If you believe it, you will see it.  But, do you see how it limits your thinking?

The truth is you have unlimited potential and possibilities for your life.    What are your beliefs about being able to make your dreams come true? Is it a fantasy and not real?  How much do you believe you deserve good things to happen in your life?

What beliefs do you have around money, work, family, relationships, fun, health, and religion, spirituality? Take some time to uncover your thinking around these areas. It’s important information as you move forward in your life.

Actions Steps

  1. Take a look at your mind. What weighs it down? Guilt, anxiety, perfectionistic standards, passivity, doubt, taking yourself too seriously? For a brief period of time – half an hour, half a day – totally drop it. What would it take to change some beliefs around those areas.  How are they limiting you?
  2. Start small by clearing out one closet of things you no longer want or need. Notice the sense of lightness in dropping things you don’t need.

Journal Time:

  • What inspired you most from the call?
  • What are two ideas that you can take away from the call?
  • What is one action step you will take within 24 hours of the call?
  • What support will you need to help you go forward?