Sick of Hearing About Everyone’s Successes

I have read a few articles lately about how people are sick of Facebook and other places that only showcase the successes people are having. Their biggest gripe is that it isn’t real and that’s not how life is.

Well, it has agitated me. One of the things I know for sure is that whenever you notice feelings that are out of sorts like that, it is time to do some investigating. Ask yourself, what is that about, what is underneath all of that creating the annoyance for you?

For ME, I like the examples of successes, happiness or joy. Why do they matter so much to me?

Because I KNOW you get what you focus on. I LOVE, LOVE seeing possibilities from others’ lives because it tells me that might be possible for my life or it allows me to support and feel the excitement and joy for others. Those examples keep me in a HIGHER ENERGY and in a more loving space for my life.

Since my mission is to AWAKEN thousands of people to a life of more love, joy and abundance, then these posts got my attention. It pushed me to speak up and explain WHY it is so important for you to allow those feelings into your lives.

Does shit happen to you in life? YES! But, can you make lemonade out of it? Can you notice the situation and be the observer of it rather than stay in the drama of it? You can RESPOND to whatever happens to you in life rather than react to it. YOU have a choice!!!!! You can notice what happens, feel it, work through the grief or hurt but then make a plan to address it.

Try to focus more on the SOLUTION than the problem.

I do understand that it is human nature to get caught up in the negative and all the tragedy that happens in life. I know at times it can be points where you can relate to their lives. But what I am suggesting is that you connect with them more from compassion, connection and collaboration rather than in the lower energies of blame, poor me and victimization. There are too, too many examples of that surrounding us.

That is why, I am on a mission to share people’s stories in a more productive and loving space. I love when people share on Facebook and other outlets:

  • the joys and loves of their lives.
  • the reminders to celebrate how blessed our lives are.
  • the positives things happening in their lives.

I love to read or hear about how people overcome great odds, just like the two climbers, Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson, who just broke a record climbing El Capitan Mountain, a rock formation in Yosemite National Park, USA.

I’m not saying to deny or discount that life has its ebb and flow or challenges. What I’d like to do is open your mind to thinking about how much better it feels to focus on what you want on in life rather than what you don’t want.

What small change could YOU make this week in your thinking to focus on what you want rather than getting caught up in what you don’t want?

I’d love to support you in that!

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How could you enjoy more of the successes and happiness in your life and others?