Starting Your Day With A Positive Attitude


Take charge of what you can with your life. Start your day with a positive attitude. Have the intention that it will happen.


You don’t always have control over what happens as your day goes on. Life happens. If your focus is on a positive attitude, your day and life can be easier and more fulfilling.


How you react or respond to whatever happens is the game-changer.


I know having peace and joy is important to my day and life. So when upsetting things happen, as they will, I try to quickly reverse where I’m headed using this mantra, “I choose peace instead of this,” and get outside. Then, I can shift my attitude and have a better chance of looking for a solution and moving ahead.


For instance, if your hot water doesn’t work when you get up to take a shower as you are heading out to work, recognize what you do. Do you decide to check find a solution or just rant and rave about how bad your day is going to be?


If you rant, you are giving away your peace.


Keeping peace no matter what happens allows you to feel empowered. It keeps the attitude toward feeling good and finding solutions rather than being a victim or negative. Maybe at first, you are frustrated, but you know that’s not how you want to feel. So you shift to a better feeling thought or situation.


Another aspect that reflects your attitude is if you trust things will work out. Even when inconvenienced for awhile like without the hot water.


If you want a more harmonious life, be aware and attentive to how your moods and situations change based on what happens.


A positive attitude can make it seem easier and can have a huge impact on your health and well-being.


In my Sunday Paper, Maria Shriver was reflecting back on what made a difference for her this week. She talked about the words that people across the world had made about President W. H. Bush.


Maria talked about how “the Bush family displayed unity, class, bipartisanship, patriotism, love, and family. They imparted lessons on how to live and how to face death with courage.”


So as you think about how you are living each day, what qualities are you bringing forth? Are you designing your day to be more positive, loving and compassionate? Consciously working on having your glass half full?


Think about the messages you are sending by your attitude and actions, day in and day out. Is it what you want others to be saying about you?


Until today, you may have sacrificed your peace and joy by letting life interrupt your positive attitude.  


Decide now how you can have a more positive attitude about today, life and the way you handle situations.


Ask if you are letting life’s inconveniences enslave the way you work, live life and impact others.


Life is a crooked road with lots of ups and down. You DO have the ability to decide how you want to live.


More than ever the world needs more positive, caring energy.


Devote your life to a more spirit filled, fun and easy going attitude. It makes life more fun.


Let this holiday season remind you to bring more peace, love, and joy to you and others by keeping the intention of having a positive attitude about today and the life you are living.


Here is a prayer, Maria Shriver had in her Sunday Paper, December 9, 2018 that I thought could be helpful.


Dear God, please let me never forget that my life has meaning and value. Even in the toughest moments, I know it will be my words, my actions and my choices that will define my legacy and set an example for those I love. Guide me to live my life with intention, with love and with purpose. Amen.