Stay Focused On What Matters To You


The world is craving for leaders who stand for something greater than themselves.


What is that for you?


Changing our culture is critical.


Brene Brown has a new book out, “Dare to Lead. Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts.”   She says vulnerability is the only path to courage. What she found out doing her research is most people are armored in their conversations. The need to be right vs. the need to get it right. She encourages you to open up and be more curious, empathetic and vulnerable. She said our world could be in a different place if we could have conversations that are more connecting, making sure people know their worth even as we disagree or don’t understand.


Are you ready to take the lead and shine more light into the world?



First, you have to be ready. Your cup must be full of love, kindness, and hope. Or, whatever it is you want more of in the world.


A self-worthy person knows you can only give and help others to the extent you can love and take care of yourself. They stand for a principle far greater than themselves. Integrity. Honesty. Compassion. Respect.

The more you have, the more you can give. Just like our guides at Bear Camp. They know and understand the life of bears. They love the outdoors and nature. They have great respect and compassion for the animals and outdoors and love sharing it with others.


When something is important to you, you take care of it.


You know what matters to you.


The way you think influences the way you live.


Invest time and energy in what’s important so you can share your gifts. No more sitting on the sidelines.


This time of darkness is calling you forward.


What do you value most in life? Notice what upsets you. That often is telling. Is it not being listened to? Is it when others are demeaned? Is it someone yelling?


Years ago, I realized that if an authority figured yelled, I coward. I lost all my confidence and value. I shrunk to feeling like a child instead of staying connected adult to adult. Thus, as a parent and principal, it was important to me to discipline with dignity. I wasn’t going to use my size and power over someone.


I value people and don’t want to crush their spirit in the handling of disagreements or inappropriate actions. I know in schools we were told for every negative comment, you had to have 13 positives to try to overcome that blow.


Think about where you don’t feel good enough. Did someone tell you that you couldn’t hold a tune when you were 8, and now at 65 you still believe it? Those comments can last a lifetime.


Think of all the craziness being spread today. Think of the comments being made publicly about some of the highest ranking people. Probably people who have a pretty high sense of worth and self-esteem. But still, think of the pain and hurt they must be feeling.


It chills me to the bone because of the values and principles I hold.


I want people to know they matter. Even if we disagree. I know how easily their spirit can be broken.


I know as leaders, others follow your example. What I see, is not the way I want my kids and grandkids to act.


I know there is kinder way to disagree. It’s not publicly, and it’s not by demeaning others.


So my commitment and focus are to spread more light where I have influence and can impact.

I write these blogs to awaken you to possibilities for your life.


I post positive quotes or situations to bring hope and feelings of joy and opportunity.


I want you, and others, to know you were made for greatness even when there is darkness all around.


Decide the life you want. Focus on what matters to you and where your circle of influence is.


There is only one of you.


And, you have a special purpose and path that is unique to you.


The world needs you to shine your light to help overcome the darkness and heaviness that is out there now.