Staying Conscious of The Choices You Are Making and The Life You Are Creating


I have realized how empowering it is to consciously decide what I want.


I love that I know that I am creating the life I am living. I know from the feedback I see in my life if it is heading in the direction I want or if I need to make some new choices and adjustments.


Everything you do in life is done by choice whether you realize it or not. Too often it is done by default rather than making conscious choices in the direction of what you truly want.


How do you know? Ask yourself honestly. Are you living fully? Are you doing fun things? Challenging things to keep you growing?   Or are you slowly dying and fading into the sunset? Getting by, staying safe and watching TV not even thinking about what you are choosing.


Bo and I were coming home from Tahoe this last weekend and many of the Burning Man participants were in the airport and on our flight. Burning Man is a great example of living consciously as a community of radical self-expression. A group of people form a camp around their unique expressions and share their gifts.   Check out their ten principles. Pretty cool. They are totally aware of what they are doing and what they want to share.


That’s what you were created to do.


Allow your life to be a playground where you are exploring and having fun.


If you want to travel, retire earlier, or be healthier, become aware of the choices you are making. Listen to your conversations about them. Are you telling people about your plans and sharing how they ARE going to happen? Are you planning, setting aside money and time to make it happen? Or, are you saying you wish it could happen but you can’t really fit it in?


Do you have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset? Do you see life as an opportunity to learn and grow, or one where you have your destination set and there isn’t anything you can do about it?


Notice the choices you are making with your words and actions and you will discover whether you have a growth mindset or fixed.


The amazing thing about choice is you can change whatever you choose at any moment when you don’t like the results you are seeing.  


You decide.


Notice if your choices are helping you or hindering your progress.


Use tools like Debbie Ford’s book, The Right Questions, to help keep you on track. The questions can be a gentle reminder to assess what you are choosing. Some of her questions are:


Will this choice propel me toward an inspiring future or will it keep me stuck in the past?


Does this choice empower me or disempower me?


I know for years as an education administrator, one of the hardest hurdles to change was to empower people to be responsible for their lives and their choices.


Our systems don’t promote that.


The government and leaders tend to tell you how to do your business.

The Church lays down the rules and dictates what to do.


Somehow it seems more prominent to blame other people and not take responsibility for how your life is going.


I know. I was there for many years. Everything was based on all the external factors. My destiny was based on other’s decisions for my life. My father was the Colonel. He ruled. I thought the Priest was the director of my life and judging my every move. My life was driven by fear and following rules.


I didn’t know I had choices and a whole world of opportunity beyond those limitations.


Choosing consciously offers freedom.

Freedom to the life you were created to live.


You have to know what you want and be committed to it.


That’s the difference in being interested and being invested in what you want.


It takes work and your big girl panties.


You have to see there are benefits beyond the consequences of some of your choices. It’s hard to go against the norms of a family, religion or tradition. But, it’s worth it if you are following your path.


I follow Tama Kieves, a Harvard trained lawyer. She disappointed her family and others to become the author and speaker she wanted to be while giving up being a lawyer.


My son left engineering to go to work for Vail Resorts so he could live the life he wanted – snowboarding and enjoying the outdoors. He was following his dreams he knew it jolted our vision of what we thought he would be doing.


I read where a couple sold everything and bought an RV to travel across the USA. Their kids and family thought it was strange and odd. They did it anyway.


Are you bold enough to recapture the adventure of life and go after what you want?


Use your desires as fuel to propel you to the future you want.


Decide you want to live a happier, more satisfied life rather than living a  life of settling.


Renew your power to choose.


Choose the life you want.

Choose the trips you want.

Choose to retire early.


Pay attention to how close you are to the desires or goals you want. Today, next month and 1 year from now. If you go off track, remember, you can choose again.


Life’s journey is more like off-track biking than a paved road. Lots of sand, boulders and trees to maneuvre.


Go for what you want. Choose consciously.


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