Surround Yourself With Reminders Of Who You Want To Be


How do you become who you want to be today? 


Life is asking each of us to go inside and question how we are living our lives.



If you are feeling uncertain, hurt or out of sorts, take time to listen to what message those situations might have for you. 


Life is full of feedback. 


I believe life is asking us to become more compassionate and kind. 


It is so easy for life to take you off track.  Whether that is the news, every day responsibilities or life’s challenges. 


Your job is to take charge of the life you want.  Build it one treasure at a time.


Create a world around you that supports what you are imagining, what you want to feel and how you desire your world to be.


If that is a more peaceful world, what symbols could represent that for you?  What reminders of peace do you need around you in the places you spend the most time? 


For me, I spend a lot of time in my study.  On my desk I have an angel and 3 calendars of daily reminders of uplifting thoughts.  I have pictures all around me of my family to provide me joy and remind me of what really matters.  So when I look up, I can be flooded with love and gratitude.  I have an altar to remind me to connect with my Highest Self.  I have a chaise where I do my morning meditation and read my spiritual readings for the day. 


In my car, I am listening to uplifting CDs of Abraham-Hicks or podcasts that can enhance my life. 


What is it for you?


Maybe it’s that meditating rabbit in your garden to remind you that you want more peace and love in the world.


Fill your mind, your sight and your smell with things and ideas that nourish and support you. 


That remind you of who you want to become.


Honor that power of what is true for you.


Become more empowered, by deciding who you desire to be today, and this decade.


Take action.


Make your world full of relics that remind you – like positive thoughts, statutes and paintings.  Let those things depict the feelings you want. 


Is that Buddha, helping hands or angels?


Life is calling you to become more conscious.  Realize that you have an important part to play in creating the world you want for your future and the future of others.


What are the reminders you have around you to keep you moving to your Highest and Greatest Self?