Take Back Your Freedom Being Who You Are


Freedom is the moment you stand in your truth. When you honor what is right with you. When you align with YOUR values, YOUR heart, and YOUR intuition. For instance, if you are asked to go with friends to a Who’s Who event that promotes separation of people and you believe in caring for all. You go because you want to be seen. You are going against your inner beliefs and values. You are letting the external world control you. You are not listening and aligning your life to what IS right for you.


For too long, I lived by letting the outside dictate or drive what I did. Yes, at times it was fun and I had many exciting adventures.


But, what I realized was that I wasn’t satisfied. I felt at odds but didn’t listen to it. I was anxious and unsettled.


I didn’t know what I valued, what I stood for. Who was I? Not my titles or my net worth. I was trying to be the perfect mother, wife or employee based on validation from the outside world.


I knew it wasn’t right but I didn’t understand why. I didn’t know about the wisdom within or living by inner values. I kept doing the same thing, trying to please others, be good enough. Which is the definition of insanity?


Until I crashed.


You can’t change things on the outside until you take care of things on the inside – your thoughts and beliefs.



Everything begins in your mind.


Do you want to feel more peace, contentment, and joy? Do you want to feel more alive? Feel free?


Take some time to find out who you are and what you stand for today.


Pay attention to what feels right for you. Find your truths.


Pay attention to the feelings you want to guide your life. Let go of things that don’t align with that.


If I don’t feel joy and hope and possibilities, I go a different direction.

I spend less time in those environments.

I listen to what is happening within.


Your days won’t be any better than your thoughts about them.


Your freedom and peace depend upon you finding out what’s right for YOU.


What are you drawn to from your inner world?


One of the things I love about what is happening right now is how socially conscious businesses are becoming. Conscious businesses are “those that choose to follow a business strategy, in which they seek to  benefit both human beings and the environment.”


I love how so many people are promoting eating clean and looking at how we grow what we eat. For so long, we wanted cheap food and mass production. Now, we have seen the results of massive populations being unhealthy because of the toxins used to answer that quest.


What’s the truth calling you? What cause or purpose are you passionate about that rings clear for you? “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”


Be on YOUR journey to freedom.


Let go of the need to follow mass consciousness. Let go of allowing society to design what is right to you. You CHOOSE.


Honor who you are and what’s true for you. Align yourself with your heart and intuition, and you will be set free.


When you follow your guidance of what’s true for you, your life prospers. Just like listening to your body’s internal clock. Your body knows the rest you need, the foods it needs and the light it needs.


Freedom and happiness come when you are aligned with your values and desires.