Taking Responsibility for Creating The Life You Desire


Did you know that you have the choice to live the life you desire and deserve?


You have the power and ability. As Louise Hay says;

“We have the power of our thoughts and words. As we change our thinking and our words, our experiences also change. No matter where we came from, no matter how difficult our childhood was, we can make positive changes today.”


You are responsible for your life. Maybe until right now you have not been conscious that you have choices. But, I want you to know that the more aware, in tune to how you are living your life, the more likely you will create the life you want.


I’m not talking big changes, just little shifts. Like filling your life up with more fun and positive people.


When you begin choosing a more conscious life, at first, you will have a tendency to blame and keep the focus outside of yourself. It’s not your parents, the political situation or your job. You are the one responsible for the decisions you make.


It’s hard to accept at times that you truly do have the power and opportunity to live the life of your dreams. You have to own and accept your part in how your life is unfolding. Can be hard stuff to see the role you are playing in it. Especially as you catch yourself blaming others or feeling hopeless or helpless and realize you have another choice.


As Abraham- Hicks says, “You’d rather cope than think purposefully.” I want to encourage you to change that. I know you want the best life possible. Rearrange your focus for your life. Live with purpose and meaning.


What I know for sure, the more intentional and deliberate you are about your life, the more you are able to feel joyful and peaceful. You choose things that matter to you, that get you in those states of being.


You begin using tools and strategies that help you get back on track as life presents itself to you. You begin to realize that anything that annoys you is offering you an opportunity to live the life you want. It’s the Universe’s way of getting your attention because you are out of sync with where you are and what you want. Just recently, I was upset over a situation that I couldn’t let go of. Of course, I stayed in the pity party for a bit. Finally, I realized it was too heavy and burdensome staying there. I know that being outside, moving, can change my mood and focus. So I went for a long bike ride with a girlfriend and used my mantra from the Course of Miracles, “ I choose peace instead of this.” Amazingly, I saw a hawk to remind me to look at a higher vision.


I know I didn’t like where I was and wanted something different.

I know I wasn’t in alignment with my core values of joy, love and peace.                                   

I know I can make decisions to change how I was feeling.

I know my words and thoughts have great power over what happens.


Where attention goes, energy flows. Just like the saying, if it’s to be, it’s up to me.


Use whatever happens to you in your life as a GPS. If things feel good, you know you are on track to living the life you want. Do more and more of those type of things. If you feel frustrated, blaming others, you are heading in the wrong direction of what’s important to you and what you want for your life.


Accepting responsibility means examining the choices you make and becoming self-reflective about them. Use each moment as a new opportunity to choose, rather than react and repeat patterns that no longer serve you.


Commit to taking responsibility and awakening to what’s possible for your life when you live a more conscious life. What you focus on makes the difference between a joy-filled life of what you desire and one that is built on regret and resentment.


Knowing and accepting full responsibility for your choices empowers you to live the life of your dreams.    


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