The Most Incredible Article about Saying “No” You’ll Ever Read

Your dream is on the other side of saying “no”. You have the opportunity to create and change anything you desire. The journey to your Higher Self teaches what’s most important to you through the adventure of your choices. Some of your choices move you in the direction of your dreams and some choices take you on detours.

Successful people know the cause and effect of the choices they make. They are clear about where they are going. They know the consequences and what it costs when you allow life or others to decide what you will do.
How committed are you to your dreams? I say I am, but recently I realized how quickly my day can change.

Do you say “yes” when you mean “no”? I have been.

  • I don’t have healthy boundaries.
  • I’m afraid to use the magical word, “no”.
  • I find myself allowing other people or things to take charge of my life, to change the direction of my day. I don’t want to disappoint or upset them.
  • I don’t stay focused or clear about what I want. I let their agenda change mine.

Instead, as Stephen Covey shares speaking up with a “no” is a powerful way to saying “yes” to that which you value most important. 

This notion of not speaking up came up for me because I noticed our plans got scrapped because someone else said it was going to be another way. I was unusually upset. It wasn’t the first time this scenario had happened. I knew it was time for me to do some inner work and dig into what I needed from this because of my reaction. (What I do know is whatever is happening in my outer world is an opportunity to become my Higher Self if I allow it).

As I began asking what I needed and what type of person would on a whim decide the plans of others would be different, I realized this person was mirroring something I could use. They said what they wanted, they had the courage to speak up, and they didn’t worry about upsetting us. I needed the reminder. It was time for me to step up, be bold, be confident about what I needed so I can keep moving forward to my dream of creating my business.

The journey to your Higher Self is magical if you take time to listen what it is sending you.

Where can some self-discovery into your patterns help you live your best life and get you back on track to living your dreams? Anywhere you notice that you are out of sorts is feedback for you to discover the message. Whether you are angry about a situation like I was or you are hurt, saddened, it’s an opportunity to search below the feeling to find what is needed for you to move on.

You matter. Your dream matters. How could it be safe for you to say “no” even if it upsets others? Where do you need some courage to speak up for your dreams, for the transformation you want?

Speak up, say “no” to choices that are keeping you stuck in the past rather than propelling you toward your inspiring future.

Share with me where you need to say “no” to keep your dreams alive. How can I support you?

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