Three Steps to a Vibrant Life

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Every day you have approximately 60,000 thoughts. It is said that about 80% are the same as yesterday. I ask you are they in the direction of the life you love or ones of just getting by? Or, are there more negative thoughts swirling, like Marci Shimoff said, 75% of our thoughts are negative? What percentage of yours are negative?

Attitude is everything. It’s the driver of your life.

What I know for sure is you are the creator of your life. You are deciding how your life plays out, whether consciously or unconsciously. What I have learned is that most people are not conscious of how their thoughts are creating their life, not aware what they are thinking and how that is manifesting out in their life.

Let’s change that.

Tony Robbins says most people fail to decide what they want. The tendency is to let life happen and react to that. The problem I see with that is you are a victim and feel out of control. The other choice is to take responsibility and make choices that empower you, that make you feel more confident and in charge of your life.

So, let’s use “Three Steps to a Vibrant Life” as an example.

  1. Define what a vibrant life is to you.
  2. Decide you will live a vibrant life.
  3. Take action to bring that forth.

First, what is a vibrant life for you? For me it is about living healthy and fulfilled, doing what I love. Then, what specific things make it healthy and fulfilled – keeping my mind, body, spirit and emotions at the top of my game. If I notice, I’m emotionally hurting, what steps can I take to shift that, bring back some joy. If my body is out of sync, what does it need – more physical activity, healthier choices with my foods, am I eating too many sugars and carbs? Am I feeding my mind with positive thoughts and ways I can be the best person I can be. How am I feeling fulfilled? Immediately I go to am I living on purpose, how am I making someone else’s life better? How am I contributing in a bigger way doing things I love?

Next, decide what parts of living that vibrant life you will start putting in your life. Remember, this is about choices that feel right to you. What you want as a vibrant life will be different than I want or others in your world. Start small, but start. For me, I have to be physically active, I need to exercise most days in some way. I need to have breakfast. I need to be outside in some way. I need to be learning and teaching.

Finally, take some action to make it happen. Start the day by having a healthy breakfast to feel vibrant. Get up and move. Give someone a compliment, a smile or words showing what a difference they make in your life.

What choice will you make today, right now to live a vibrant life? Break the pattern of just getting by or letting life pass you by.

Thank God by living life fully, whatever that may be for you.

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