Time to Refocus on Thriving

Amazing! We are in the second half of the year. As you think back to the beginning of 2017 and your hopes and dreams, are you on track or have you detoured?

Whether by life or loss of commitment.

It is time to refocus. It is time to live the dreams you want.

It is possible. Maybe it will look a little different from what you thought.   Probably better.

What were your resolutions or goals for this year? Take a moment to write down your top two (2). Notice where you are with them.

Two of mine were to be healthy with a lower weight and be more visible with my business.

It’s so funny how the universe has a different idea of what your goals can mean. Or more likely, bring you what you are saying. I have focused more on being healthy than losing weight. My thinking is if I am healthy which is what I want, then my body will align to my perfect weight.

What I want and how to go about it, have not been aligned. I want to eat what I want and still be healthy. (Shows that I am not so committed…)

As the year began, I started breaking out in large patches of rashes. For a while, I thought I had poison ivy. I tried steroids for a few rounds and then finally realized this was something greater.

My body was talking to me and I wasn’t listening. I was trying to rid the problem rather than get to the core issues. After going to the dermatologist for months, I decided to do what my body had been telling me.

Do away with gluten, dairy and sugar.

I did the gluten free. Things mostly cleared up.

Did away with dairy. Almost all of my rashes and itching were gone.

But, I was resistant to giving up sugar and going completely clean all the time.

My results continued to show me problems based on the foods I ate or didn’t.

What I have realized is the rashes have been telling me things inside are not healthy.

The problem is I wasn’t listening. I was trying to superficially shut down the rash, not find the solution, the deeper message of what my body needs.

What I have to own is that my choices have created some malfunctions inside of my body that needs to be addressed.

Once I make the decisions I know my body is calling for, then I will be healthier and lighter.

My idea was that losing weight would make me healthy.

Yet the Universe’s idea of being healthy is to have all my systems properly functioning. It’s way bigger and transformational than I was thinking when I wanted to lose a number of pounds. The good parts are: I have

I have less toxins around.

I’m using more clean products.

I’m making better choices with the foods I eat.

I am healthier. (not lighter, yet).

What I was looking for was the magic bullet diet that would have me lose this weight. The Universe listened to my request to be healthy. Now instead of showing all the resistance I have been, I need to follow what my body is telling to get healthy from the inside out. Then, my goal easily falls into place.

Where in your life have you thought God, the Universe, wasn’t listening to help you succeed with your goals? How can you use this second half of the year to refocus and trust in God’s version of your dreams?

P.S. I’d love to help you refocus and recommit to your dreams. Sign up for a complimentary discovery session at dottiehager.com