Today Is A New Day And A New Opportunity

Something amazingly awesome will happen for you today. What could that be?

What is the opportunity awaiting you today?

Be open. Be willing to allow something new in.

As Reverend Christie Hardwick says, “Whatever this day means to you, it has value and possibility. Allow that to be if it calls for love, laughter, and celebration. If it calls for tears and reflection, let that be. This is the richness of our human experience.”

Can you awaken with joy and expect wonderful things to happen to you?

Notice how life is for you and how it gets more fabulous every day when you expect great things to come to you.

Is your heart open and allowing life to shower you with goodness?

The more you love, no matter how that is, the more love comes to you.

Is that loving your pet?
Is it loving your morning walk?
Is it loving this time of year?

Love raises your vibration, so more things at that vibration come to you.

Feel what a blessing today is. Love life.

Think about things like:

What is most harmonizing for your health? Is it as simple as sitting still and breathing deep?

What creates the most abundance for you? Notice how abundance comes to you like the numerous buds that open on your flowers. It’s all around you.

What rings your bell, brings great laughter and ease to your life?

Make living fully your commitment and devotion. No matter what you are facing.

Let living life be more your focus than all that is wrong or hard. Your focus matters.

Let today be a new day. Not a groundhog day, repeating yesterday and the day before, and day before.

Let YOUR light shine. It’s a new day.

Walk out your front door with new eyes, an open heart and a mind willing to see another way.

What is waiting for you?