Tomorrow Is Another Day


How much of your life is repeating the same thing you did yesterday? You know the Ground Hog Day idea.


Since life doesn’t go backward, how can you begin consciously choosing to do something new for your life today, and each day, that would benefit you?


Build a new bridge to a new direction, a new relationship or a new heaven on earth for you.


Choose one thing to focus on. Which area of your life needs your attention?


Could that be living a healthier lifestyle, hanging out with people who lift you up or finding ways to add more peace in your life?


I know my vision is to live healthy, vibrant and fulfilled. What that looks like can change but I’m always going that direction. Even though I might be doing healthy things by being active, I might not be doing things to feel fulfilled. By paying attention, I realize when I’m off balance and can make new choices.


Too often the thinking is you have to make major changes in your life to live the life you want. The truth is that it is little things that make a huge difference. I’m listening to an audiotape about Obama, The World As It Is. The moderator made a comment about how he couldn’t even remember who he was before he became part of Obama’s team. He’s allowed himself to be more each day.


Where can you begin today so that’s today is a new day for you?


I know for myself I try to do more things that bring peace to my life. Not read all the political things. It’s hard, and I have to remind myself.


I try to see the world through more loving eyes. Understanding that each of us has a story about why we make the decisions we are making rather than right off be so judgmental.


Trying to be more conscious of my choices by paying attention to how I feel is something I can do each day.


These things make my life healthier and more vibrant.


Life is more exciting when you live the words of “tomorrow is another day.”


It gives you something to look forward to.

You feel empowered that you are in charge of what you want to happen, and you are creating it.


Tomorrow is not meant to be a repeat and repeat of yesterday. No wonder your life doesn’t change.


Make today a new day for you. Focus on one aspect of your life that you want differently. For me, that is not eating sugar and grains. I need to take that one day at a time, just like in the 12-step programs. I am learning new ways of eating. Physically what I prepare, and mentally shifting my thinking about what is healthy for me today. I’ve had such resistance to what I know I should be doing. I’ve been staying in the past, repeating old behaviors that are no longer serving me. Guess what happens – my glucose spikes, I’m draggy, and have gained weight.


What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same things over and over and expecting different results.


How much more feedback do I need to make a change, to make tomorrow a day that I will feel better about?


Let your past inform your future so today is better than yesterday.


Make the most of the life by creating a new tomorrow.


Start today.


Share with me what that looks like for you at When you share your intentions with others, it is more likely to come true.