Travel Creates Greater Understanding for You


Travel opens up the world for you — internally and externally.  



It allows you to see with a new perspective.

It showers you with beauty and awe.

It provides you with gratitude and joy.


Travel allows you to look within and find your prejudices, your expectations, and your dreams.


“Travel far enough, you meet yourself” – David Mitchell


We just returned from a Caribbean Cruise. We love cruising because it allows you so, so many options. Just like with life, there are many choices.


Great memories are made on cruises. We thought we traveled a lot. Most of the people we met are lifer cruisers. They have done onward of 30-40 cruises. They no longer book excursions. They just enjoy the world of cruising by relaxing and feeling the nurturing relationship of the water. They enjoy the different offerings as well as seeing the world.


We had seen some of the ports before like Cozumel and Grand Cayman. Last time we experienced them by scuba diving and enjoying the beautiful water opportunities. This time we decided to just “be” more. Take in the beauty, the culture and experience just being there.



We did visit Tulum and Chacchoben ruins and the Everglades via an airboat ride.


Our Captain was a 42-year old lady. How different and wonderful is that!


You can be as healthy as you want as well as unhealthy with 24-hour food and drink availability.


We met Bob, an 87-year old man, who was there with 17 people in his family. I saw him walking each morning at the time I would be out there. He still plays handball with his buddies in Cincinnati a few times weekly. How inspiring is that!


The martini bar is one of the most fun and happening places on the ship. They share these flights of martinis in an amazingly, artistic way. The pride, fun, and ownership these bartenders share is off the charts.


I attended a couple of scrapbooking classes since we lost Jenny who made scrapbooks for us of our travels. I am thinking of learning how to do this.


We listened to some great music. There was a group, Absolute Journey, whom we loved. A great reminder of the music of our time.


We actually did less doing and more being. Bo wanted to chill more. And, for me, it’s part of my journey of being still and being more present. I love sitting on our balcony and hearing the water and seeing the sky. Pretty magical.



Still hard for me to sit still for very long.


The good part is I am more at peace with myself and life, so I’m not running to escape or block out all the chatter.


“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Augustine of Hippo


Travel can provide you with everything you love (and, dislike like sitting in the airport for 12 hours).


Oh, how I’ve grown. I’m not so impatient or resistant that life is different than I want or expect like the flights kept changing and being delayed. Previously, I would have been huffing about. How crazy because there isn’t anything you can do and it just makes it more miserable for you and those around you. Another thing I was able to do is to reflect upon how much we had to be grateful for in the midst of life’s changes – There were families with kids and people who were going to miss connections. It was just the two of us. We had everything we needed and didn’t have to entertain or corral kids or worry about schedules. We were free.


“Remember that happiness is a way of travel — not a destination.” – Roy M. Goodman


I realized I’ve come a long way in my journey of living healthier but I did eat some unhealthy things and drank more than usual. It reminds me how important structures are to living the life you want and how important it is to get back up when you veer off track.


Just like with all of life, new circumstances provide you new opportunities to try out your new skills.


Life isn’t about being perfect but living healthy, vibrant and fulfilled.


And, having fun along the way.


Travel keeps you growing. It keeps your mind open and fresh. You learn a lot about yourself.


As the Dalai Lama says, “Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.”