Use “Feeling Good” To Make Your Decisions


What thoughts immediately pop up as you think about making choices from feeling good?


Do you feel selfish, greedy, or shallow?


Abraham-Hicks says that you do everything in life so you will feel good. So instead of working from fear or habit, what if you made your decisions from “Does this feel good?


Just think how easy that could be.


Just think how great it is to listen to what is right for YOU!


Just think how your life would be in alignment with what are your values and desires. Not others’ expectations or desires for you.


Just think how good things could feel instead of resistance or angst.


Life is meant to be for you. It can be that way if you follow the guidance of what is right for you in the next step and the next.


Every moment is a new choice and a new decision. It’s up to you to decide which direction you go.


There are always outside circumstances that can impact your life or not. It’s up to you.


Life does not always unfold as you plan.


Most of us tend to be constantly trying to fix problems.


Let go of old patterns of how you decide or make your decisions.


Choose differently.


Listen to what feels good.


What you are experiencing is real to you. But what is different is how you are going to move forward.


When you stay conscious and aware of what you are feeling, you are more in tune with what is possible in life.


Instead of the frustration of what’s not right about the situation, pay attention to how you want to feel.


Choose the next thing that will bring you that—baby steps towards what you desire. Let you decide, not the circumstances.


Clarity brings you closer to your desire.


How about making your choices from feeling good?


Let life be easier for you by knowing you will choose what feels good rather than worry or fear.


Feel yourself in a river flowing along. Allow yourself to move ahead based on ease and flow.


Are you willing to use feeling good to help you make decisions?


You know what feels good to you. It’s not the same for everyone. Your good honors you and what you desire for your life.


Let life be more playful.


By choosing what feels right to you, you feel more empowered and valued.


You matter, and what you desire matters.


Choose wisely what feels good to you!