Use Me To Bring Hope and Possibilities


Work to do whatever you can to be there for another, to lift someone’s spirit or let them be heard.


When you love what you do, others feel that, want that.  You inspire others to wonder how that is possible for them in their lives.  Not with envy or jealously but a real desire to boost what is happening for them.


Many times in life, you don’t even think things are possible for you.  Technology is a great example.  I make Zoom calls and talk with people all over the world like we are face to face.  I have a virtual assistant that lives in Croatia.  I have a coaching partner that lives in Chile.  Wherever they live, we are there together.


It blows me away to see what is possible.


You can help others connect in ways that you haven’t thought possible.


When you are living your soul’s path, what’s right for you, others are attracted to you.  My husband and his buddies love Crooked Oak where they went to school.  Recently, Crooked Oak had a fundraiser and Bo donated and received some goodies – a t-shirt and sweat jacket with Crooked Oak on it.  When he wore them his buddies were ecstatic and wanted to know how to get them. 


You never know in what ways you can impact another’s life.


When I hear others’ stories, it gets me excited to think about, ponder and decide if that is something that appeals to us.


The hope and possibilities. 


We love to travel with Backroads biking and hiking.  Every trip we make, it’s fun to listen to the passion others speak about the trips and adventures they have made.  About every trip we have taken with Backroads, at least one couple talks about how Vietnam might have been one of their favorite trips.  In 2020, we are heading to Vietnam.


Where are you guided to new ways based on other’s sharing hope and possibilities? 


I love coaching because you can help people connect with their heart and soul. You can help them KNOW what they are feeling is so right for them.  You help them see clarity and insight to what’s possible for their life. 


They feel heard. 

They are seen. 

They feel connected.


How are you helping others be heard?


Ask yourself if you are willing to live by your truths, your passions and your desires which gives others permission to do the same. Or, do you succumb to the habits, the past or other’s desires for you that might keep you hanging in there rather than living fully?


Try new things, make new friends.  Do something that feels fun to you so you can feel the hope and possibility for your life.


It’s fun being 70 and having younger people tell you that they hope they can do what we are doing when they turn this old.  Like my husband who snowboards and mountain bikes at this age.  Like Pickle Ball with most of our group in the 70s. 


What do you do that brings others hope and possibilities?  Honor the big and the little ways.  Acknowledge how you are making a difference.


During this holiday season, let yourself shine by doing what you love because it can bring hope and possibility to others.



Share with me how you are going to make someone’s day by inspiring them to greater possibilities for their life.