Use Summer As A Reminder To Thrive And Not Just Survive


Summer has officially begun.


As you see the flowers and gardens blooming, think about your life. Just like you, those plants have faced challenges but are rising to their greatness.


Images help project possibilities. Nature is beautiful, just like you.


Use summer as a reminder to thrive.


Use the seasons to reflect upon your life. Summer represents more light. Ask yourself what does summer mean to you. Is it fun, being lighter, vacations, more time with family and friends, or enjoying the outdoors more?


As you think about your own life, aim to become a greater expression of yourself.   Grow in wisdom and understanding of life, and how everything around you is there to support you including the seasons.


Say yes to what matters to you.


Begin with where are you adding fun in? I love hearing the neighborhood kids chatting and giggling. For many people, and me included for years, having fun seem irresponsible, and I thought I didn’t have time to fit it in.


Allow yourself to open your heart more – think of the lightness of summer, feeling the beauty of nature and how bright and alive everything is.


Connect with friends you haven’t seen in a while who bring you joy and warmth.


If you are facing some physical challenges, how about morning walks, free your mind of everything. Allow yourself to get outside and move no matter how far or how slow. Just beginning will create lightness.


Open your mind. Expand what’s possible for you. Remember, you created the boundaries you have on your life.




Let summer open new pathways and new directions for you. The doorway of your future opens in proportion to what you are thinking and believing. Ask yourself questions like, “What’s the greatest you look like?” Think about both internally and externally. Just think about how great you look when there is more joy and peace inside of you. You radiate great light and love sharing how you are thriving. Not boisterous but from pure fulfillment.


Life always happens the way you expect. Expect the best.


Use summer to help you let go of some darkness. Bring light to those situations. Do some shadow work and find the gold in those dark moments. What’s not serving you anymore? Objects, thoughts or media. Let go of the old to make space for new, lighter thoughts and activities.


Enjoy outdoor activities. Like in our town Summer Breeze concerts, Jazz in June or Full Moon bike rides or kayaking adventures.


Summer presents more light to remind you no matter what is happening in your world, that life can be lighter and brighter.


Life is presenting opportunities all the time for you to thrive. Step into how life is guiding you to your greatness.


Live to THRIVE.