Use The Beauty Around You To Lift You


Wow, what beauty nature has to offer.  


Where are you reaping the benefits of nature?  The abundance, the peace and the beauty.


For most people, these times have created more stress and anxiety.  It’s important to find tools and strategies that can lift you to your Highest and Greatest and help you manage.


Life is continuously sending messages and feedback to help you grow and be more at peace in your life.  Even if it doesn’t seem that way.


See how negativity, pessimism and anxiety are trying to get your attention, awaken you to something greater.


Too often you and I think we know how our lives are “supposed” to be, and we ignore any signs that don’t fit with our limited view of how life is.  We think we are in charge and the master creators of how life will be. 


We don’t realize how we are in our own way.


Resentments take away inner peace and keep you stuck in the past.


Resistance keeps you frustrated and blocked from your greater good.


What if instead, life was pretty simple.  


What if the magic elixir was to nourish your mind, body and soul by spending more time outdoors.  


We just returned from a two-week motorhome trip to Montana to see Bo’s youngest brother and his family.  It was a fabulous trip because we spent a vast amount of time outdoors.  It was all simple but refreshing for our beings.  Talk about flying high.  Each day was really special – we hiked, biked, picnicked, explored vast land, sat and admired the great wilderness and beauty of nature, and Bo was able to fly-fish and 4-wheel. 


And, we drove through the great lands of America.  We saw the beauty and bounty in a number of states.  The wheatlands, the cornfields and the mountains.  


Amazing all that life has to offer. 


Even though we set off the fire alarm, connected hoses in the wrong places and maxed out the grey line before we could dump it in our journey with discovering our motorhome.  


Even though a pool line broke and our air-conditioner wasn’t functioning right at home while we were away.  


Even though we had to social distance and wear masks (we took a few pictures with the mask off) when exploring Mt. Rushmore.



We focused on what we can control.  We aren’t going to let situations or others decide how life is going to be for us.  


How can being with nature help lift you?  Help change your moods or distract you from worrying about things out of your influence?


Nature is everywhere.  It has boulders, prickly bushes and poison ivy just like with life.


What are you focusing on?  The beauty or the ugliness?  The grace or the crudeness?


Nature is a blessing and a teacher.  


Can you be open and receptive to the next step on your spiritual journey?  


Life happens, and right now a new world is being created.


Use nature to lift you and help you focus on what you desire in your life. 


Nature is magical.