Use The Opportunity of Adding More Peace in Your Life to Feel Fulfilled


Did you know that when you live in peace, it is a great source of fulfillment?  So the phrase “Peace Be With You” is more important than just the words. 


It means you are living in harmony with you, what you desire for life, and how you are living. 


It means you are aligned with your purpose and gifts of life.  You are doing what you love.


It means your cells are thanking you because they aren’t stressed and having to work so hard to heal the disruptions.


Just saying “live in peace” makes it seem like it should be so simple.  But, in reality, there can be many distractions.  Especially if you are living more from the material and external world than listening to your internal, emotional guidance system. 


The task, or opportunity, is how to live more peacefully day in and day out.

The best way is to start in bite-size pieces. 


Choose one thing to focus on until it is a habit or integrated into your daily life.


For instance, where in your life could having more peace be most helpful to your well-being and joy for life? 


Is it your relationships whether that be with your spouse or partner, your extended family or your children? 

Could it be pressures or frustrations with money or work? 

Is it health issues and/or not taking care of yourself?


Choose one area.  Then, brainstorm ideas that could be more peaceful for you.  For instance, if it is relationships, you could choose to be happy instead of being right.  You could take a walk if you are upset. 


Most disappointments in life come from expectations of what you think others should be doing.  And, interestingly, often those expectations haven’t even been discussed or shared.  Instead, what if you could shift those expectations to appreciation? 


Be grateful you have a partner to share life with instead of expecting them to always do things how you want – like put the toilet seat down or put the dishes in the dishwasher. 

Be grateful that your body allows you to move and get around even if it creaks some.

Be grateful your children are part of your life instead of being frustrated they don’t call you as often as you want or you can’t always have time with them like you want.


What is it for you?  Where could you begin to have more peace?  Amazing how a simple step of being grateful instead of expecting can provide great dividends in your life.


Once you are able to reap the benefits of how much better life is when you live in peace and peacefully, then you are more likely to make the effort and intention.


For me, I started with a gratitude journal.  Then added daily spiritual readings from things like The Course of Miracles, and practiced some of the lessons.  Like when I would be upset, I would repeat, “I can choose peace instead of this anger.  Slowly, with these added rituals, I could tell such a difference, so I knew I wanted more.  Thankfully, today, I know immediately when I’m out of whack and try to get back as quickly as I can. 


The idea is to pay attention to where in your life you are out of sorts. Know what upsets you, and know how to shift that to bring a more fulfilling and satisfying life.


Know what you want for your life.  Feel excitement and joy when you have those things.  You will begin feeling more and more fulfilled.

Gratitude, appreciation, and forgiveness are some of the major tools that can bring more peace to your life.


What area of your life will you commit to taking one step in a new direction so that you feel more fulfilled, satisfied and at peace with you and your life?  Do that for twenty-one (21) days, and see how your life has changed. 


Peace be with you.