Use This Time To Redesign Your Life That Speaks to Your Heart and Soul


Can you feel life is for you during this pandemic?

As my Science of Mind, April 1st reads, “Despite outer appearances, something is moving in the unseen for my greater good.”

It’s going to be messy.  Changes always is.  There will be a lot of uncertainty and unraveling of old patterns and beliefs. 

One of the great principles of life is to “Know Thyself.”  The more you know yourself, the better you understand life.  It allows you to feel grounded and empowered.  Especially helpful in times like now.

It allows you to create the life YOU want.  You are probably learning lots of things about yourself – your core values, what feels good to you and what doesn’t. 

Let this be a time to redesign your life. You have been given the gift of time.  Probably not how you saw it would be, yet, it is here.

Notice how you are handling these unknown times with the coronavirus:

What are your fears? 

What are your feelings?

Where are you finding your strength? 

Where are you finding your guidance?

What are you passionate about?

Dig deep and look at what’s behind them.  Are you afraid of dying or someone in your family dying?  Then make sure you are LIVING FULLY.  Make sure you are loving them, honoring them, and enjoying the time you have together.  Let this be a time to recommit to what living means.  No longer take it for granted.  Live and give all you’ve got.  As Deepak Chopra and Oprah share during the 21-day Meditation, Hope In Uncertain Times, “The key to releasing these fears and anxieties is to first bring self-awareness to them and, then to consciously recognize that they no longer help or serve our present reality. As you reclaim the present moment, you are free to act in accord with your deepest motivations, and that is where your courage is.”

Practice healthy coping mechanics to help you not be overwhelmed by feelings. Know what works for you. 

Do you have friends and family that lift you up when you share what is going on for you?

You cannot mask your feelings.  It can create anxiety and you can become overwhelmed in unhealthy ways.  It’s important to talk about them.  And, when you know yourself, you realize the direction you are heading and can DECIDE it’s not serving you. CHOOSE again – something that feels BETTER.  No matter how little a difference, like finding something that brings a smile to you.  You cannot be in two feelings at the same time. 

Find reassuring words that support and guide you through trying times.  Let your faith deepen. I am surrounding myself with people and ideas that brighten my spirits. 

Find your guidance.  Know what is TRUE for you.  Whether that is scripture or mantras,  Keep them near.  For me, I follow The Course of Miracle teachings.

Beverly Hutchinson shared in my Miracle Distribution newsletter an Easter Time lesson,

“Lesson in Light: God is the strength in which I trust. (W-47) This lesson starts by telling us…“If you are trusting in your own strength, you have every reason to be apprehensive, anxious and fearful. What can you predict or control?… It then goes on to say what we clearly know: we, alone, can do none of these things. And, when we think we can, it is a false sense of strength… Of yourself you can do none of these things….But we are not left there. We must gain the awareness of where our real strength abides. We must realize that of ourselves alone, we can do nothing, but when we join with the power of Gods Love, nothing is impossible.God is your safety in every circumstance.”

I need reminders like this.  It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and scared as you listen to the news or feel yourself confined. 

Find things you are passionate about, that you love to do.  A way to brighten you and share your gifts.  I think I’m going to do a Facebook Live series to remind people of their strength, to help lift them up and keep hope alive.  I love sharing ideas, helping people see greater possibilities.  It’s a way I can serve today’s needs.

How can you use this time to redesign your life?  Use your fears and your passions to create the life you want going forward. 

You have probably realized many of your old patterns that aren’t serving you. 

Maybe you were racing around involved in too many things to feel peace, and be attentive to your kids and partners. 

Maybe you thought you had to work that many hours to make it but now you realize how much more simple life can be and more fulfilling. 

Maybe you have found out how creative you are.   

Use all these reflections you are having to create a more meaningful and loving life for you.  You are learning what TRULY matters to you now that so many external things are taken away. 

As, Tama Kieves says in A Year Without Fear 5-Minute Mind-Set Shifts, “Today, I want to see only the grace of my own life.” 

You will be different, you are different.  Use this experience to your benefit.  Let all those feelings drive you forward to the life you want.  Use the pain, the hardship and the stories to design your life in a way that matters to you.

Find strength by knowing yourself and why you are here on earth.   

Keep hope alive.