Use Transition Times In Life As An Opportunity To Know Yourself More


Life is not always the way you plan. Transitions in life can be hard and brutal.


There is uncertainty and loss.

Yet, what if you were taught that no matter what happens, it is part of God’s greater plan to your Higher Self. Time to wake up to something greater, that can’t be seen otherwise.

Would it be easier to accept, to move through, and not have the pain from the crazy things that happen in life?

So whether you’ve lost a loved one, or are an empty-nester, or retired, don’t let these stages of life pull you down.

Use life crisis or changes as a time to know more about you. Understand what’s underneath your pain and your thoughts.

Let it be an opportunity to redefine your identity, your dreams and your desires. What I learned during the transition of my divorce, was I needed to fill my time doing things I loved.

I joined hiking clubs, running groups, and played tennis. Anything to keep me busy and moving.

Cleaning out is always therapeutic. Feng Shui, get rid of 29 things for days and that will allow your energy to change. New things will come to you. When you physically let go of stuff, it will allow space for something new. For example, if you are ready for a partner, one of the things you can do is to clean out a closet. By having empty space, you are showing you have room for that person in your life.

I don’t know about you but the weekends or holidays were hard when I was divorced. During the week I could stay busy with work and the kids’ things but then all of a sudden I was alone on the weekends.

It was hard to listen to all the stuff going on in my head.

I thought I was supposed to say everything is fine. Yet inside, I felt lost, scared and troubled.

Who would want me?

Was my life over?

How was I going to make it? Alone? Financially? Mentally?

What will life be like when I wasn’t married anymore?

Would I be accepted or rejected because of my status?


I felt like the worst person because of my beliefs about people who divorced. I was Catholic and knew it was against the church.

But, there was something inside of me screaming I was a good person. I was so conflicted.

Was I bad or good?

So hard to have these mixed messages from shame and guilt.

The pain of being alone and not liking it allowed me the time to be introspective. I learned how to connect to my inner wisdom. I learned how I control my destiny by my words and thoughts. I figured out what I loved and what I wanted for my life.

And, that’s when I began learning more about myself. I became a personal development junkie. I would read everything I could get my hands on trying to understand the upheaval I was going through mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Trying to know what was important to ME now. Figuring out how life works. Seeing how I could be of service in a greater way.

I had the deepest transformation of my life.

I realized life was for me.

God was showing me how to enjoy life more, finding a deeper and more meaningful life.

The upheaval was teaching me about loving myself, forgiving myself and others, and understanding acceptance and humility.

Hard lessons, but life-changing.

I noticed when I retired, much of the same type of chatter was going on.

I lost confidence, connections and purpose.

What is life now?

Who was I now that I wasn’t my title – Associate Executive Director, anymore?

What roles will I now have? What about my friends from work, will they care about me anymore?

Will I be all alone again?

Am I too old to be of value anymore?

These transitions can rock your foundation. Catch yourself as you are sinking into sadness or pity.

Use uncertainty to know yourself better. Decide right now you will be not allow these changes or circumstances to take you down.

Use this change of life, to become more vital and alive. To create your best life. Savor the past, but realize you were blessed with more time to live, not just exist.

What does that look like for YOU now? What have you learned about yourself? How are you a greater version of yourself?

Think about things you love to do – like travel, run a marathon, or open your own business.

Make a list of things you know you enjoy – bubble baths, pedicures, gardening, reading a good book, walking or meeting friends. Let it guide you to a better feeling place.

Recapture the Adventure of Life. Who do you want to be now?

Delight in the future.

Have faith that life uses transitions to open you up to greater possibilities. Remember, faith is about believing in something bigger. Where you put faith, is where your life is heading.

Remember, it’s all about the choices you are making. Your choices create your fate. It matters what you are saying and telling.

You are the creator of the story you want to write now. Make it one you want using the lessons from your past, life’s experiences and the dreams you hold.