Using Circumstances As Opportunities



Challenges are green lights for healing, breakthroughs and great leaps forward.


What if you could see that things happen not to hurt you but help heal you? And, help catapult you to your greatest, grandest version of yourself?


Would that help? Would you be able to step out of resistance and pain more quickly?


What if, you took a mile high view of the situation, gained a larger perspective and distance from it?


What if, you could seek first to understand?


What if, you could default to, “Let this be for the highest and greatest good for all” as you encounter situations or decisions?


As I think back on a couple of painful situations in my life — divorce and having a petition filed against me when I was Principal, I see how those circumstances created opportunities for me.


I see how I am kinder, more compassionate and more understanding. Boy, was I humbled.


I can see how those situations changed the course of my life.

I became a life coach.

I became an expert on personal development.

I became aware of how to live from my heart and my head.

I became connected to a loving God.

I became passionate about helping others transform their lives —  knowing first hand how much better life is on the other side.


Not easy going through it. But, great benefits and higher purpose resulting.


Take a moment and look back at your life. Think of some turning points in your life.

Ask yourself how were you before the situations and how you are different because of the what happened.


Share with me on my Facebook page – how you changed, how have you become a greater version of your best self because of it.