Waking Up To The Lifestyle You Want


Have you thought about the lifestyle you want in retirement? Has that mostly been about playing golf three days a week? Or travel to Africa?

Yes, these ideas are important but not complete enough to create this next phase of life.

As you ponder your past, there was loads of planning – graduating high school, attending college, finding a career, getting married, and starting a family.

And, finally, you retire. Freedom, no schedules and gobs of time to do what you want.

No planning.

Too much free time.

Boredom sets in.

You’ve lost your passion. You’ve settled for getting by.

You get the picture.

You are not living life.

You grasp, I need something more.

Rather than procrastinate any longer, Wake Up.

Decide today to take the time to plan for the lifestyle you want.



Remember Your Mind, Body and Spirit Each Day

As you begin designing the life you want, it starts with being healthy.

You are well aware of the statistics of how each of these areas atrophy if you are not tending to the well-being of each.

Plan something each day to nurture all parts of you – your mind, body and spirit. Do you enjoy book clubs, attending spin classes or meditation? What is it for you?

How are you expressing who you are?

What are your core values? Ways of life that must be there for you to feel alive and peaceful.   For me, I have to feel “joyful” most of the time. I get that from being outdoors, near the water, teaching, or yoga.

Include yours as an instrumental piece of how you are living this fourth quarter.



Add in Your Plans to Thrive in Retirement

What’s the big picture for your fourth quarter of life? What’s thriving for you?

What lifestyle is calling you? Is it selling everything and traveling the world? Being an adventurer? Becoming an entrepreneur? Leading meditation retreats?

What are your priorities and big rocks? Is it time with grandkids? Golf? Free time to chill?

Travel? Making a difference? How often would you need these to make you happy and fulfilled?

Plan for it. Call the shots.

My calendar and plans are filled with my loves, my passion.

That’s the retirement life I want.

You must know what you want, define it and etch it in your life.

No more living by chance.



Make It Meaningful

Don’t just fill your days with activities or chores.

Make your life meaningful. Make it fun.

No regrets.

Think about what makes your heart sing! And, do it…

Design your lifestyle around what matters to you. For instance, in the travel section of my new ebook, Ideas to Thrive in Retirement, you see ideas about how you can travel the world while volunteering. If that interests you, make a game plan around your travels and volunteering.

It will add great meaning to your life because you are doing what you love.



Planning What Matters To You

I was meeting with Kerry and talking about what’s next for him. Discussing what he’s passionate about, what he loves to do and what he knows are his strengths or gifts. We talked about different experiences he’s had. The good and the bad. Too often you want to forget the “bad.” But the truth is, the contrast shows you what you don’t want, which helps you with clarity. All of a sudden Kerry mentioned, you are showing me how I really do have all of this within me to layout what I want to do now.

Know what matters to you, as you are plotting the lifestyle you want.

Take the time to listen to your inner wisdom. Listen to your soul and heart’s urging. It’s in you.



Take Charge of Creating The Lifestyle You Want

It’s empowering. It’s freeing. It’s heaven.

Decide today to plan for the lifestyle you want. Start with what you will do to enrich your mind, body and spirit each day.

Then, choose what makes your life meaningful, and begin doing it.

You will be living the life you’ve wanted, and thriving along the way.


I’d love to help you plan the life you want. Contact me at dottie@dottiehager.com