Was 2021 Impactful Or Regretful for You?


Wonder and curiosity open your mind.


How is your life better because you lived through 2021?



What attitude are you bringing into the New Year? I know I hear so much pessimism. But, remember, attitude is like 80-90% of what happens in your life. And you receive what you focus on. So make sure your attitude is focused in the direction of your desires.


2021 was a hard year for most. But how can you take that to build what you desire?


Notice how your heart is overflowing with gratitude for 2021.


What areas of your life opened up in a new way? Are you more focused on being healthy? Are you willing to speak up for causes that matter to you.


How has 2021 allowed you to live in wonder because of all the uncertainty? Can it be a “good” thing for you? Were you stuck in a rut?


How can knowing that everyone has bumps and obstacles in life help you find some truth and honesty about what you have experienced? That is life.  


Follow John-Rogers DDS’s advice, “If you learn from everything that happens, if you use everything as an opportunity to learn and to lift yourself, you will be earning your freedom. So learn from the experience of your life. Set your goals high and go for them, and do not let anyone or anything sidetrack you. Create only the very best things for yourself.”


I love this time of year. It gives me a chance to step back and really notice where my life is today. It gives me an opportunity to reflect on:


The highs and lows

The bumps in the road

The joys and the pain

The internal and external growth that happened

The values that led my life

The changes that became most helpful and important to my Spiritual Evolution


The past reflections allow me to create a picture of what’s working for me and what I no longer want to carry forward. Sometimes easier to know than to do. I tend to hold on pretty tightly at times.


What were the top 3 most impactful things in your life this year? Think about any transformations that happened for you. Any changes in your life, whether externally or internally. The outer world is reflective of your inner world.


What 3 things are you regretful about? First, it’s important to allow them to be there because they were. That way, you release the power of the situation, and it won’t snowball to more just like it. No need to have shame and guilt if you own whatever happened.


What needs healing? Allow yourself to feel whatever is there for you; then, you can release it rather than push it down and let it build bigger.


Allow yourself to see and feel all that was there for you in 2021. Then, let whatever you discover and notice propel you to 2022 that your heart desires.


Don’t bypass the experience and discount all that was there for you in 2021.


Believe there is a power greater than yourself that has your back, that knows just what you need to be the Highest and Greatest YOU!


Honor you, and 2021.