What Are The Messages You Are Sending?

You are on your own journey.

How can you be a messenger of God today? How can your words be of light, love, and joy?

Find ways to become more aware of the messages you send verbally and non-verbally.

Are you an auditory learner and can hear clearly what is being said and received?

Are you intuitive, and can feel or sense what is being sent from the messages you are receiving?

How clear are you about what you are sharing or broadcasting? Your words might say one thing, but what is your energy or vibration saying?

Are your messages positive? Or do you tend to be more pessimistic?

I know many people talk about having to be realistic. Is that a scapegoat for not believing in yourself, or what is possible for you? Yes, today, a certain scenario might be real, but where is the trust or hope for something more?

I know my mission is to awaken people to a life of possibilities to live healthy, vibrant, and abundant.

I hope my messages are aligned with that.

I hope I stir up some curiosity in you to question what might be possible for you.

What are you speaking? Is it in alignment with what you want to share?

Are your messages critical? Do you hear lots of criticism like:

The weather is awful today.
The traffic is terrible.

Are you making sure that your messages are ones that only good comes through you?

I love the example of the University of Oklahoma’s football coach, Brent Venables said in the Sunday, Oklahoman ”I love relationships.” “I love finding great people that also align in the values and the respect and appreciation for all the great things that Oklahoma has to offer.” … “It’s not easy, but no one is going to feel sorry for this program either. “It’s all hard. But it’s all good.”

What are your messages saying?

My husband, Bo, wants to send a message of light and celebration during this holiday season. He makes sure each morning to turn on the Christmas tree lights. That way, the lights shine brightly for us to see all day.

What bright light are you shining through your actions and words?

Does your message say to think about more hope more optimism?

One of the ways to help you know what message you are sharing is to define your “one word” for the year. It’s like a goal but more open. Like choosing “listening.” Then, you would align all you do with ways to make sure you are listening.

You would notice how attentive you are when people speak. You won’t be waiting to speak.

You would reassure others you heard what they were saying.

Another way to think about the messages you are sharing is to think about who are you being in this moment. Is that one of being compassionate, thoughtful, and generous?

Notice what messages you would be sharing by whom you are being. Who is that for you?

What do you want your messages to say? It’s more than the words you speak.

Decide to take charge of what you want your messages to say. Then, align all your actions, words, and deeds.