What are the qualities you most admire in yourself?

What are the qualities you most admire in yourself? What are areas that you don’t feel so good about yourself? One of the activities that you can do to find out is the following:

Think of three people you admire. Write out each person’s name. Then list three qualities about each of them that you like about them. See if there are similarities with the three. Notice these qualities in yourself. How do they shine in your life? If you can’t see them at this time, what could you do to highlight that in your life. Try to own them. They are there for you but at this time you might not have thought it was okay to be that. It might be like the sun. It is always there but sometimes the clouds cover it. It’s your job to find them in yourself, and own it. Nurture those qualities. They are your strengths.

Next, think of three people you don’t like. Write out each person’s name. List the qualities that you don’t like about them. Now look at yourself and see where you have these qualities. How are you denying these parts of yourself? What have you made wrong about these qualities? Where is your life have you maybe been “that?” Do you need to forgive yourself in regards to these behaviors you identified? These qualities are not bad or good. Some of the qualities you disown because you have made them bad. Take some time to discover your beliefs about these qualities. You have all these qualities in you. You need to own them, and not let these negative qualities run your lives. They will if you don’t take some time to heal them within. When you learn to accept all qualities within you, you will no longer react to life but you can begin taking responsibility for creating the life you desire.