What Are You Being Busy About?

Life is busy.
It is said that 90% of doctor visits are from stress and feeling overwhelmed.  
It’s time to break that down and reflect upon what that is about for you.  
To live a healthy life, you need to be aware and reflective about the choices you are making and their impact on your life.
Where are you spending most of your time?  Look at your calendar.  
Is your calendar filled with things you SAY are your priorities?  Do you know what your priorities are?  Have you clearly defined them? Not just what happens in the next moments.
Is it on the pressure you feel from what you are SUPPOSED to be doing?
Is it some fear that you AREN’T ENOUGH if you don’t do these things?
Notice where you are doing in your life and this week and how that contrasts with what you say is most important to you.  That is the busyness and stress.  
When you aren’t aligned with what you say is most important and what your actions are, what is causing the stress and busyness in your life?
I often go back to Stephen Covey’s, The Big Rocks.  The big rocks are your priorities, the things most important to you.  Often said as a family, work, health, and spiritual connection.  Covey says you must put your big rocks in first, or you won’t find time for them because of all life can throw at you.  I know when I was learning this for years, each week, as I was scheduling my week, I set time for things I deemed most important.  Like time with my kids, not just taking them to all their activities.  Time to work out for mental, emotional, and physical health. Before I did anything else, I developed a morning meditation practice and spiritual readings to position my mind and be in a healthy space to help deal with all life was offering me.  Today, these are just part of who I am and how I live.
What are you busy with?  Where is your stress and overwhelm coming from?
Begin dealing with what is right before you.  
Notice where you are out of balance.  
Life is rarely in balance.  When you are making choices that are meaningful for you and for what’s important to you, then life seems easier.  But first, you must notice and take charge.  Notice where you are out of balance, and tend to that so you won’t feel overwhelmed or punish yourself for it.
If you feel out of control, you are working off a victim mentality.  Start there.  You do have a choice, every moment.  STOP.  Take a few breaths and ask yourself what is the most empowering thing you can do for yourself now. You ARE in charge of your life. 
Choose balance.  Choose you.  Choose what’s healthy for you.  
If you don’t, you know how easily you can rail out of control, act impulsively, and often regretfully.
What is the one area of your life that could give you the greatest impact of being centered, calm, and content?   Is it gardening, running, reading, or quilting?
Do that.
When you do what you love, you are in a different energy and feel better about yourself and all that you have before you.  You relax.  You feel in charge.  You are in the mindset of fun, ease, and joy.
You lose the feelings of being stressed, and life is too much.
As Tony Robbins says, “Change your physiology and change your life.”  
It doesn’t take much to change the energy and vibration of what is occurring in your life.  
Your attitude is the deciding factor: 90% attitude, 10% circumstances.  
What are you busy with?
What do you truly want?
As one of my calendar quotes says, “When you value inner peace above everything else, you really do change how you respond to the world.”
Decide how you want your life to be.  It’s up to you to make it happen.  
Life can take over if you allow it.  
How are you deciding what you want your life to be?
Be “busy” making the life you want to happen. See what a difference your life can be.
Change being busy to being busy with what you truly desire.