What Are You Committed To?

As you think about your retirement, what are the top three things you are committed to?




Getting by





Making a difference

Being healthy

Status quo

What is it for you?  It is driving your life.

Like for me, I am committed to thriving during this chapter of my life.  I have defined as living healthy, vibrant and fulfilled.  I believe I can do that by doing something meaningful.    The more that I stay healthy – mind, body & spirit, and focus on serving others, my life is full, thriving.

I am in heaven.

Stop right now and ask yourself if your life is going in the direction you want.

Are You Thriving?  If Not, Where Is The Breakdown?

Are you focused more on illness rather than wellness?

Are you letting the need for freedom, keep you from the discipline needed to follow through on your dreams?

 Are you saying someday you will take the trips of your dreams or write that book on your bucket list?

Are you allowing retirement to be the end of your life instead of the beginning of new possibilities for you?

What are you committed to?  Do you believe you have a purpose to fulfill?

It’s important to know because you get what you expect. 

How dedicated and determined are you to thrive and do what you want?  Being who you are called to be?

Your desires matter.  You matter.

You’re not too old.

The Social Security Administration said that most people will have approximately 20 years of retirement.

That’s too many years to let go by and not take charge of designing the life you want.

What Are You Committed To?

I am passionate and committed to helping you gain clarity and focus about what’s important to you during this fourth quarter of life.

To remind you to live this time of your life fully.  To keep you on track of what your desires are pulling you towards.

Yes, life happens.  There are obstacles and challenges.

You can’t let them stop you. See them as a detour.  Eventually see how they can help you create new possibilities.

Getting old is not always easy.

Staying committed is even harder.  You have to know why you are doing what you are doing.

Your mind is like your TV guide or Sirius.  You have infinite channels to choose; your body is the TV station or radio station tuned into the channel you have chosen.

The possibilities for a greater life exist and are yours for the choosing.

What channels are you choosing?

Living barely getting by.  Or just letting life happen.

I want you to feel valued and empowered during this time of your life.  I know you do too!

Connect to something bigger than yourself.

That’s why I created my ecourse, Thriving in unRetirement, to help Boomers and Retirees live healthy, vibrant and fulfilled by creating their legacy.

I want you to focus on what’s in your heart and design your life around that.  I want you to stay committed to the life you really, really want.

I know when you take the time to reflect on what you are doing with your life and why you are doing it, that you become more committed to what you want for your life.

But, I also know that it is easy to just settle for what is, especially if your life is pretty good.

I am committed to help you thrive in retirement.  I am committed to help you live your bucket list and make this time of your life meaningful.

Not always easy, but it’s alway worthwhile to go after what you are committed to doing.

It takes time.

It takes dedication.

It takes persistence.

You have it within you when you connect with your heart and soul.

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